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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


We welcome back Luckylegs with some news on another map that he is working on for your Company of Heroes gaming pleasure! this one, called Remagen, is slated to be finished within the month, comes with a number of features that will add to the fun-ness of the game. A quick glance shows that some of these features will include:

  • A walk-able bridge that will be re-buildable
  • There will be Canadians
  • There will be German Elites
  • And more!

Following is the uncut version of the news post submitted by Luckylegs, he has also included a screenshot to wet your whistle! Enjoy!


I know, I wasn't suppose to make another map. But Remagen will be night [with lightening storm] and day. It will have two train tracks. It will have a walkable rebuildable bridge. It will have the scots. It will have the canadians. German elites. And it will have the bridge bunker that is in the real photo. Here is just one screenshot. Hopefully this will be done within the month. Dont know anything about Remagen?

Its called the Ludendorff bridge.

Click me to learn about the about the Ludendorff bridge

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