Terra Nova

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Terra Nova is a Company of Heroes Modification that has been inspired by the concept art of Lt Apollo and his friends. Terra Nova spans from the near future to the mid 21st century, and fallows the story of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Force a group of veteran solders.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terra Nova (The Beginning) Terra Nova (WWIII) 2010-2015 On March 5th 2010 Russian nukes rained down on the unsuspecting countries of the European Union, On March 5th Russian tanks crushed NATO peacekeepers in Eastern Europe, on March 5th the United States entered the Third World War.

Terra Nova (End Game) 2020-2027 We marched on Moscow waving one flag, and one flag only, the light blue banner of the United Nations. Our newly minted United Nations Marine Corp, descended from the sky on wings of fire and steel. American Space Marines and European Shock Troopers descended the ramps of hovering Gun ships together on a scale not seen since the invasion of Normandy during the Second World War.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terra Nova (Armageddon) Terra Nova (awakening) 2033-2038 We thought it was over, after 6 years of peace, we where wrong… So it began, not on the battlefield, but in our homes, on the streets. Civilians mostly at first, then mercenaries, and traitors, they called it a great awaking. We called it revolution. At first there where the “Incidentsâ€, then the Great Riots, and then the War…

Terra Nova (The Crusaders) 2038-2044 We could deal with the fanatics, our new MTAR SFV where lets say “effectiveâ€. But we even us, the battle hardened Space Marines, where unprepared for them. There resolve was unshakable, there technology unfeasible. The crusaders, man they where tough bustards. Even the mighty MTAR MKIV Assault Rifle didn’t seem to phase them. Only thing that seemed to work was the special plasma rounds for the MTAR…

This is just an introduction to Terra Nova, for more information, and to get your questions answered, pop into the thread at FileFront Forums! If you prefer the personal touch, you can get Lt Apollo at comander.apollo[AT]yahoo.com

More to Come, Stay tuned…

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