Company of Heroes
2 Player Maps

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Glider Zone hundeparkenkres0185 2.85MB 758
The Great War vietcalm 6.98MB 1,736
Far Away From Home louiscyphre0x29A 6.13MB 2,674
Boonsville Tweak 7.04MB 8,190
Alsace Sector Clamps 3.23MB 12,800
Operation Cold River REVOLUCION09 3.29MB 9,516
New Jenna REVOLUCION09 1.94MB 3,331
Morning Glory Henry666 9.07MB 12,083
The Po River bolokotondo 5.38MB 6,141
Vallonello zixozixo 4.95MB 9,019
RedCross 2 Players borgadmin 2.88MB 2,312
Dodgeville borgadmin 6.72MB 1,412
Mr.G's Hot spot Mr.G 2.12MB 2,428
Outside Bastogne Flak Ninja 5.72MB 5,913
Dodgeville borgadmin 5.55MB 5,932
Ghost Town on_a_journey41 12.15MB 19,017
Outside Bastogne Flak Ninja 5.33MB 7,313
Soldier's Folly Flak Ninja 7.33MB 4,659
Italy Map Krosanic1 8.02MB 7,944
Village Map moose7 4.35MB 2,527
Steel Wheel Terminal_by_Proxy 7.79MB 2,102
Wrecked Train Hatge 10.42MB 4,532
Schermerhorn MacBryce 7.57MB 4,455
Delft Terminal_by_Proxy 11.91MB 4,845
Battle of Falaise darkavenger211 7.78MB 7,724
Snow Day Veno 1.1MB 5,744
Salerno Brendan Sugrue 13.81MB 3,601
Vichy2 Sp00kystick 16.08MB 2,267
A'Urra zixozixo 6.31MB 16,429
Donut G. Rozenberg 6.12MB 4,733
Abandoned Resort Henry Chung 6.06MB 1,004
Abandoned Resort Henry Chung 5.59MB 13,847
mp_Berlin_ Grey_Knight_555 1.17MB 3,582
Battle for Duclair OnkelSam 15.83MB 5,208
Pouppeville Supaunknown 6.08MB 2,693
Battle For Duclair OnkelSam 14.79MB 5,120
Keroman Neilius 7.39MB 4,198
Sunset in Normandy Pecan 11.76MB 3,971
Saint Lo ShizzlePizzle 4.54MB 2,418
BT Sturzdorf Blahman238 11.11MB 2,811
Rundheim Anntor 8.75MB 2,432
Monheim Boulevard Foley 12.76MB 3,666
Face To Face Erikha 6.54MB 4,907
Quincey MickeyC 15.65MB 3,789
Rocket Ruins bonemachine 5.72MB 2,710
Vichy Sp00kystick 11.62MB 1,702
Infantry Insurrection Col. Clark 8.98MB 4,238
Railroad Divide Slorg 10.76MB 2,241
Le Alamein silverbullet1989 16.38MB 3,061
Frozen Forest Col. Clark 11.02MB 3,707