Company of Heroes
4 Player Maps

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
4p Into the breach AppleHead 2.97MB 2118
Remagen by Night G_I 10.17MB 844
4p Into the breach AppleHead 2.97MB 24665
D-Day Tweak 11.17MB 52605
Shot in the Desert zixozixo 8.4MB 5762
King of the hill D-day invasion Auctionedllama 2.65MB 5138
D-Day Tweak 9.34MB 6253
Terrapin Station Sooth 4.76MB 3990
Berchtesgaden Imagineer 9.76MB 36990
CROSSFIRE Henry666 8.74MB 22995
RedCross 4 Players borgadmin 3.03MB 4679
2vs2 Paisi zixozixo 5.45MB 7345
2vs2 Paisi zixozixo 5.63MB 29368
Infantry to the Orders zixozixo 9.38MB 5366
Infantry to the Orders zixozixo 11.07MB 2334
Operation: Market Garden Flak Ninja 6.92MB 15120
Infantry to the Orders zixozixo 11.14MB 6019
Oreti Beach Invasion The_Magpie 23.85MB 12150
Hill Suso Day Map zixozixo 9.16MB 7079
Infantry to the Orders zixozixo 11.08MB 22572
Operation: Market Garden Flak Ninja 7.04MB 11403
Mr.G's Harbour Mr.G 3.88MB 8105
Two Nations Map Boier 6.95MB 5456
Hill Suso Night Map zixozixo 10.42MB 5911
Groves Palace on_a_journey41 18.14MB 8213
Wake Island ZeluS 12.66MB 23931
Pantano zixozixo 7.89MB 1629
TacticsII rdrogers85 18.12MB 5617
Pantano zixozixo 7.89MB 4027
Battle For Fiordland The_Magpie 9.97MB 16878
Dragon Valley Flak Ninja 16.13MB 12704
Vanderbilt G. Rozenberg 5.28MB 3311
Battle for Potsdam Stoferr 4.88MB 7877
Salerno Brendan Sugrue 9.8MB 6094
All Out War on_a_journey41 10.81MB 8992
Camp zixozixo 8.54MB 5682
3 Village zixozixo 9.46MB 3146
3 Village zixozixo 9.6MB 8015
St Hilaire Dusk Djukel 7.95MB 1843
Islands Erikha 3.13MB 3590
The Last Patrol Paco-Split-Croatia 6.28MB 447
Nijmegen Dusty2 9.45MB 14219
The Last Patrol Paco-Split-Croatia 26.46MB 7756
Saint Lo Xanpham 3.19MB 3520
Dead Man Corner LeonNet 18.77MB 6662
5 Bridges AoDGizmo 4.42MB 10484
Bloody Stalemate AoDGizmo 4.59MB 800
Arnhem Dusty2 8.07MB 7212
Bloody Stalemate AoDGizmo 4.59MB 5190
Loire River Crossing Nautikus 3.34MB 4377