Company of Heroes
Company Of Heroes

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
woodland camo skin Guest 411KB 252
Realistic Skin Pack Guest 211.65MB 20,432
Turning Tables Guest 2.92MB 173
NWB - Not Without Blood Guest 9.25MB 614
The HILL and the 88 Guest 1.69MB 241
D DAY: UTAH BEACH Guest 19.22MB 4,816
A_Long_Strech_2p Guest 2.19MB 634
Riverbank(6) Guest 4.88MB 2,243
Alpine_Artillery Guest 5.25MB 882
Save The Fuhrer! destroy/defend map Guest 3.4MB 156
The Lost Bridges Guest 1.7MB 1,005
Protect_the_Fuhrer_v1.2 Guest 3.4MB 544
Battle of conestoga Guest 3.66MB 4,423
Eagle's Nest Guest 9.18MB 3,302
White River Guest 2.96MB 759
The all around mod Beta v1.1 Guest 379KB 858
Stalingrad (BETA) Guest 541KB 272
RC_Realism Guest 10.37MB 585
Company of Heroes Modding Tools Tutorials Guest 144.25MB 1,262
Company of Heroes: World at War Guest 6.99MB 617
Guide to CoH for Dummies Guest 24KB 2,944
A_Long_Strech_2p Guest 2.19MB 69
Trench Guest 7.79MB 814
Autobahn Ambush Guest 5.68MB 726
Desert rats Guest 2.37MB 403
The Island of the desert Guest 1.17MB 405
Bastogne(8) Guest 17.65MB 8,608
Mountain Resort (2) Guest 6.17MB 727
2p Mountain Trainstation Guest 7.72MB 1,182
English Patch 2502 to 2600 Guest 45.39MB 3,041
Chateau St-Marc Guest 3.25MB 526
Second Strike 1v1 Guest 4.64MB 225
FloresT Guest 3.37MB 358
D DAY: UTAH BEACH of/tov Guest 17.26MB 20,748
War in the desert gigant Guest 1.41MB 440
Canaeen(4) Guest 5.28MB 370
Batle FLorest update Guest 4.82MB 535
Tank Battle IX Guest 1.7MB 845
Scars and Horrors Guest 17.2MB 529
2p_Beachfront Guest 8.14MB 1,631
Batle Florest Guest 2.39MB 991
Europe At War mod Guest 470.56MB 9,114
Company of Heroes: Afrika Korps Guest 456.07MB 16,538
Riverdance Guest 6.91MB 679
OCXPC Map Pack #1 Guest 22.51MB 735
Mount66 Guest 1.96MB 472
Dotterdam 2 vs 2 Guest 3.39MB 999
Village of War Guest 6.68MB 519
Flying Jadpanther Hangers Guest 5.55MB 116
Flying Jagdpanther Hangers Guest 2.31MB 278