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Modifications Enhanced Combat Leader

BETA RELEASE FOR Enhanced Combat Leader. Ive released another new beta, this takes the advise I received a from players and attempts to addr...


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Modifications Company of Heroes Agile Factions Test Mod

This is test mod for the Agile Factions modifications thanks to Grant Heywood. Enjoy!


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Modifications Company of Heroes mod Cross of Iron Teaser Trailer

Cross of Iron Teaser Trailer in full HD glory. Bitrate: 8mbps; Resolution: 1280x720p H264 (1.31 Aspect Ratio); Audio: 192kbps AAC+v2


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Modifications World of War: Realism v0.21 Full

This is a small realism mini mod I made. It makes the game slightly more difficult butalso more fun. Games start qucker as well ;)


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Modifications Company Of Heroes Sound Mod (High Quality)

If you run the game sounds on Ultra/High download this file


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Modifications Company of Heroes Mod - Eastern Front v1.50

The 1.50 patch is now released. Includes criticals for some soviet units, new music for soviets and many bug fixes reported by the community...


Modifications Company of Heroes Mod - NHCmod v2.700a

Each faction receives one hero unit, you can play with and against any faction, and there are Heroes, crazy stuff (like The Maus, Powell, zo...


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Modifications tinhead50's Awesome Mod

This mod adds airborne to the barracks, as well as an allied officer, and just to make it fair it also gives the axis Stormtroopers!


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Modifications Awesome Mod 1.2 (1.2)

Airborne can be built in barracks - removed sniper from v1.1. Added allied officer. Added movable medic, and he can heal any 1 thats an ally...


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Modifications Over There - The WW1 Era Song

Over There - The WW1 era song which inspired the mod name.


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Modifications Advanced Population Mod v1.0.0

The first release of the Company of Heroes mod, Advanced Population.


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Modifications SP Pop Changes v.85

This is a Mod that Zero Pike personally created to solve what he saw as a limitation and sometimes frustrating limitation. This alters MOST...


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Modifications KMOD v1.35 (Full)

The aim of KMOD is to achieve (which it does i might add) epic scale battles but also highly involved infantry and armour tactics.


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Modifications KMOD v1.389 Open Beta

A mod that puts realism together with total carnage of proper, full scale war.


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Modifications CoH Sound Mod

This are the first 3 released sound files of LoranKorn for CoH in a SoundInstaller compatible structure.


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Modifications Europe In Ruins Loader

COH: Europe in Ruins is a persistent war modification for Company of Heroes.


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Modifications Combat Revolution v2 FINAL LITE

This mod is IDENTICAL to the other version ONLY it doesn't have the following: Custom Sound Files (gunfire, explosions etc...) (NOT INCLUDED...


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Modifications Russian Conscript Mod

A mod for "Company of Heroes"-1. Nearly all allied infantry have been re-skinned except for the airborne and medics.


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Modifications Advanced AI Mod

This mod from Warnstaff makes the AI much smarter and more of a challenge. Still a work in progress, but what's released is very much comple...


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Modifications Combat Revolution v2.66 LITE

The long awaited for update for Combat Revolution v2.00 is v2.66. It includes nearly 100 changes from tweaking to NEW TANKS and NEW DEFENCES...


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Modifications Company of Heroes Patch Mod

This is patch mod for Company of Heroes. It makes the game better and more fun.


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Modifications The Great War 1918 Tunelling Video

This video shows off the tunelling ability the Royal Engineers will be able to use. These explosives will be able to be detonated remotely,...


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Modifications Europe In Ruins v1.7pre10

An updated version of the Company of Heroes mod, Europe in Ruins.


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Modifications Europe In Ruins v1.7.2

Europe in Ruins is a modification for Company of Heroes (and soon Opposing Fronts) that attempts to convert the games into a MMO-RTS with ap...


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