Company of Heroes

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Operation Battleaxe REVOLUCION09 2.45MB 2,499
Island on_a_journey41 5.89MB 6,402
River Flats REVOLUCION09 2.09MB 3,921
Ste Mere Eglise TheDonBot 4.66MB 5,253
Beach Assault vinny1 4.17MB 2,128
Tweaks maps Tweak 3.32MB 564
St. Helene REVOLUCION09 4.07MB 8,854
Hunters Field ceska 9.61MB 6,373
Tweaks Map Revisited Tweak 7.04MB 2,399
One Way Hell Tweak 4.15MB 7,342
Tweaks Map Tweak 6.64MB 2,991
Verdun Sector TheDonBot 1.12MB 3,549
Operation Cold River REVOLUCION09 3.08MB 640
Ste Mere Eglise 1 TheDonBot 5.05MB 726
Revolucion09 Battlefield n1 REVOLUCION09 2.51MB 4,343
St. Karla REVOLUCION09 3.22MB 3,571
Montallegro zixozixo 9.94MB 448
Take the Church Tweak 3.85MB 3,922
Montallegro zixozixo 10.38MB 6,934
Farmland on_a_journey41 8.65MB 6,222
St. Pierre Harrod200 2.66MB 2,439
Trench Warz tinhead50 2.41MB 2,816
RedCross borgadmin 1.71MB 839
Operation Detroit Eli Snyder 6.03MB 4,317
Liege Eli Snyder 2.71MB 2,966
Vallonello zixozixo 5.46MB 354
McKinney's Town on_a_journey41 13.74MB 7,969
The Railstation Hidalgo 4.05MB 3,591
New Island borgadmin 5.8MB 5,499
Operation Battleaxe REVOLUCION09 2.1MB 4,548
RedCross borgadmin 2.68MB 1,634
The Mareth Line TopGear 1.39MB 2,713
Bayeux Outskirts Eli Snyder 7.65MB 4,547
Revolucion09 Battlefield n1 REVOLUCION09 1.93MB 4,089
Battle of La puerta outlawghost11 3.55MB 729
One Way Out Flak Ninja 7.78MB 3,137
Pine Crest's Valley Town on_a_journey41 16.4MB 7,652
Beach Assault vinny1 3.31MB 12,309
Battle of La Puerta outlawghost11 7.91MB 6,447
Battle of Hill 101 Woody 11.72MB 9,793
Canyon Conflict Flak Ninja 8.6MB 1,213
Salisbury's Town on_a_journey41 15.38MB 8,750
Forgotten Pass Duo 7.51MB 4,511
Canyon Conflict Flak Ninja 10.49MB 12,584
Heilkraut borgadmin 5.69MB 4,300
Duel D-Day Autonomous Operations 452KB 5,048
French Village Boier 4.75MB 5,708
Pine Crest Valley Town on_a_journey41 16.4MB 4,112
The Castle of Zelda on_a_journey41 11.12MB 4,182
The Island RogNogRog 1.18MB 1,513
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