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Video The fierce battle

This is the playback of a fierce battle with all available teams (Panzer Elite, Wehrmacht, American and Brittain). In the battle, played...


Video Tharulerme's Company Of Heroes Sound And Video

This is the sound and movie from company of heroes. They are quite good, and in good condition. There's the sound and the movie. The m...


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Video Company of Heroes 'Combined Arms' Trailer

A trailer featuring two minutes of gameplay and cinematic footage Company of Heroes. It focuses on combined arms.


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Video Tharulerme's Unofficial Launch Tribute Trailer

This is my tribute for the world wide launch, I will make 2 trailers from CoH public. This is the FIRST. You may think that they are...


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Video Tharulerme's unofficial launch tribute trailer V2

This is the second Vid. Same goes for it, it's another tribute for the CoH launch, but I'm really sorry for bad settings, I can't help...


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Video Thar's unofficial launch trailer FINAL

Finally it's there, my launch trailer for the Aussies, and the Europeans. I'm sorry, I was supposed to bring it out on the 29th, but I ha...


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Video Cold Day in Hell

This video was pieced together with a few clips from the map Flak Ninja made, "Outside Bastogne". It shows some small fire fights through...


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