6p_Long Battle



Both are as much fun!A short description of the map:Both Allied and the Axis bases are heavily defensed by machinegun bunkers and AT 88 Flak cannons. (mountable)The map is big and long, and balanced so it will be equally good fights for both teams.The victory points are lined up along the map, making it easier to focus your defense. But you can easily become surrounded and cut off in this way. In the middle lies the old ruins, where there are four strategy points (2 munition / 2 fuel)You will be suprised to se how well the AI make their strategy here. Flanking you around the cathedral ruin.The old ruins is connected by two bridges, one on each side. Making it more possible for further tactics.On each side of the old ruins is the fuel factory and the ammunitions depot, two important strategy pointsto gain more ammo and fuel. And most important of all, a great way to flank your enemy!The rest is for you to find out!Hope you all will enjoy this map as much as I do! And don't forget to leave a comment! :-)Cheers! // ZoteX


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