A Couple Bridges too Far

This is a Tournament level multiplayer map - recommended to have core2duo or better. G_I has a 2.13 core2duo and ripping graphics card so...


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This is a Tournament level multiplayer map - recommended to have core2duo or better. G_I has a 2.13 core2duo and ripping graphics card so, for him, its smooth as ice. A Couple Bridges too Far (v1.0) will be a map like no other you have seen! Its super large, and is similar to the movie...except for the fantasy part that the developer has added in; For more information on this secret, you'll have to download and play this 6 player map!

The game starts out with the Germans defending the center between the two bridges...and Allied Airborne & Canadian troops are already deployed to their Call of Duty-like locations just across the street. Its up to the Germans to squeeze the Allies from two fronts. This means crossing a huge bridge. Two of them.

  • The Germans have:[/b]
  • A Tank Base
  • An Airbase
  • A V2 rocket base.

The game starts out as 3 against 2 and the isolated third player [Panzer Elite] has to cross the bridge and save his comrades. He gets to pick both bridges. So lets hope the pinch is on.

  • Slot 1
    • British and Canadians
    Slot 2
    • USA and Airborne
    Slot 3
    • USA and Airborne
    Slot 4
    • Regular German Army [Tank Base]
    Slot 5
    • Regular Germany Army [Airbse]
    Slot 6
    • Panzer Elite V2 rocket Base

This should play like Call of Duty on steroids! And you cant get anymore German units until the elite units are killed. You are in for a shocker at the start., and make sure you man them custom made bunkers. Have fun and enjoy.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'a_couple_bridges_too_far.sga' (17.29MB)

Map project began on 7/05/08 and took less than a month to produce.

I would like to thank the beta tester 'Lugersrule', WantedRenegade, And Spartan1. 

WantedRenegade wanted to say a few words:
"Its been a great pleasure working with Luckylegs and the rest of the team.
It was lots of fun and alot of hard work was put into this. I believe it turned out great"

And from Spartan"
"this map will probably go down as one the best maps"

And Lugersrule
"Dont stop making maps"

I would also like to thank coh files for hopefully a great review. 
I know the payday here is something you have not seen before. And I'm sure this is it. We shall see.

PS: This is a multiplayer map and is best used with the Coh custom maps launcher 
which is found at the Relicnews.com in forum section under maps bunkers.  
This program allows you to play ranked game with your buddies..    

I'm also sure you will have some fun with the AI, But nothing beats playing real people.  
I dont think you cant beat the AI. I tried and died 6X on normal.. Dont do what I did.

I wont go into installation and where to put the SGA file because I'm sure you already know what to do. 
Get coh launcher and maybe I'll see you there for a 'ranked' game..

This is my last map and if a Relic scout does recognize some talent I may be interested in making more maps.   Right now making these dont pay my bills.

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