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Ace40k has submitted for your gaming pleasure, a sound mod for Relic Entertainment's latest real-time strategy game Company of Her...


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Ace40k has submitted for your gaming pleasure, a sound mod for Relic Entertainment's latest real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. If you think the weapon sounds contained in this game are somewhat lacking, then do we have a download for you... Ace40k's Sound Mod will change the sounds of most of the weapons, which will in-turn, change your game-play experience for the better, and that is always a good thing!

Prepare yourself for a whole new Company of Heroes adventure! All you need to do to acheive this is start your download now. Happy gaming!

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download '' (112.82MB)


Ace40k's Company of Heroes soundmod/-pack



This is a sound (mini-)mod for Relic Entertainment's latest real-time strategy game Company of Heroes.

After finished applying the mod most of the unit's weapon sounds in the game are changed and thus sound significantly better. You will see remarkable differences in battles concerning the sound quality and game depth in general due to the sounds I've beefed up.


1. BACKUP the archives WW2SoundHigh.sga and WW2SoundLow.sga located in \Company of Heroes\WW2\Archives before you take any further steps.

2. download MoonBlood's SoundInstaller tool and unzip somewhere after having finished downloading

download here:

3. Run the SoundInstaller.exe, locate the CoH root directory in the upper bar (for example: C:\Program files\Company of Heroes) and the Data folder (important!! the Data folder) of my sound pack in the lower bar. click install when ready

4. start a match after the tool has completed processing, turn up the volume and have phun

- Be aware that this method is fully COMPATIBLE to CoH online gaming since the custom sound files will be comprised in the CoH .sga archives unlike the method to manually set up a mod via shortcut/dev switch which is usually NOT compatible to online play.

- Be also aware that you are going to have to put your backed-up archives into the same place again overwriting the custom archives before you can apply a new patch to your game (patches will refuse to install if custom content/modified files have been detected).


- just overwrite the custom .sga archives with the archives from your backup.



- sounds all mixed/modified/cut/converted/etc. by GrandMaztahAce a.k.a. Ace40k

- tools I was using: MoonBlood's lovely SoundInstaller, Corsix's Mod Studio & BurnerTool, SMFConvert by Mannerheim

BIG THANKYAAS go out to LoranKorn for his great sound mod which inspired me to a great extent, to the Relic CoH community and to all CoH players who have downloaded this and like it ;)


- I am not responsible for damaging your game/system neither with my mod itself nor with the installation procedure

- You may upload the mod somewhere else, put it on CD/DVD etc. but ALWAYS keep the zip as a whole so the readme.txt containing the credits won't be separated from the custom files.

- You may NOT modify my work and/or publish it under your name.

- If you want to integrate my mod into your own mod, leave a small hint in your Readme/the mods description saying "Sounds by Ace40k" or something similar. You don't have to let me know...

happy playing

Ace40k  (grandmaztahace AT hotmail DT com)

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