Arden is a eight player map that is based on the Ardenne Offensive in 1944 where the German army tried to make a final attempt to turn the war around in their favour. In the end, the offensive was stalled long enough for Allied reinforcements to arrive and help the defenders push out the Germans of their territory. This map features a long stretch of land that resembles a forest; however, it is a not an authentic forest that is based on the Ardenne as it does not have snow decals. If you wish, you may use the Battle of Buldge mod to create snow decals for you. The map can create some very memorable moments as both sides can frantically push each other back due to the straightforwardness of the map, thus creating some epic battles. This map is solidly built, however, some more attention to detail could have been made.

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This is was my first map 8 Player or less its big map night time map good bottle neck. 
Try it let me Know wat you think. Its worth the download.
contact davehezzy At [email protected]
Its large mainly woods Great Bottleneck to left of centre plays both modes.
Put in My documentscompany of heroesWW2scnario
And play enjoy. It Was released in in august but problem with pictures.
Its ok now. Dave

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