Battle of Legends 1.2

This is again a neat mod.

It's Battle of Legends 1.2.

It's pretty good, but not my taste though.

It focuses on total war, also th...


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This is again a neat mod.

It's Battle of Legends 1.2.

It's pretty good, but not my taste though.

It focuses on total war, also the special menu tanks are all on tank depot and oh well, for the whole list look in the readme!

I'd say pretty neat job, so give this mod a try today!

- Tharulerme

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Download 'coh_battle_of_legends_v11.2.rar' (1.43MB)

Title:        COH Battle of Legends
Filename:     COH_Battle_of_Legends_v1.2.rar
Version:      1.2
Date:         10/6/2006
Author:       Happy_The_Hobo

The next installment of the COH Battle of Legends series.

Special Thanks to Corsix for creating the tools 
necessary for this mod.

Installation: Copy all files into your COH directory. If your game is not installed in the standard directory then create a shortcut and add:                                  “ -modname COH_Battle_of_Legends -dev” (Without the quotation marks of course) to the end of the target.
 "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -modname COH_Battle_of_Legends -dev

uninstall: Delete all the files that came with the mod and replace the RelicCOH.English with the original one.

New Changes:
	- Flak 38,Flak 88,105mm howitzer,M45 quad gun build able after research.
	- “Armored Warfare” research required to build Tank Depot.
	- Improved all machine guns, lower reload and cool down times. 
	- Heavy versions of rifleman and volksgrenadiers(12 men).
	- Real world names for most vehicles. 
	- Allied air commander.
	- Weapon crews can abandon fixed defenses. (example flak 88 gun).
	- Increased population for each point captured.
	- Repair crew upgrade at Tank Depot provides repair engineers.
	- Improved Heavy Axis Armor.(Health increased).
	- AP Rounds upgrade on mg bunkers & mg nests(Better vs. light vehicles).
	- Axis bunkers can now have all of the upgrades at the same time.
	- Men don't die when at guns are destroyed so long as they were not on it.
	- Improved axis Nebelwerfers.
	- Tanks are more accurate against at guns.
	- Mg's on tanks are more accurate.
	- And many more.

V1.1b Changes 
	- Improved several features of axis squads
	- Assault grenadiers added to axis.
	- Assault grenadiers can lay mines.
	- Fixed a few issues of previous versions.

V1.1 Changes
	- New elite pioneers added.
	- Volksgrenadiers can construct outposts.
	- Tiger tank added.
	- Customizable weapon load outs for axis squads.
	- And many more.
V1.0b Changes
	- New units for Allies, Heavy Engineers, Anti-tank troopers.
	- Fixed issues of original release.
V1.0 Changes
	- New units in Tank Depot(Pershing, Calliope).
	- Crocodile main gun and flamethrower work at the same time.
	- Customizable weapon load outs for allied squads.
	- And many more. 

Criticism Welcomed.

	If you have a problem with the mod, not like one of the changes, or think of something that could be improved on, Please do make a post. Remember if you want better mods then help by getting your ideas to the modder.

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