Battle of the Bulge

This Mod takes you to the desperate fighting in the dense forests of Belgium and Luxemburg in December44/January45. Its aim is to present yo...


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This Mod takes you to the desperate fighting in the dense forests of Belgium and Luxemburg in December44/January45. Its aim is to present you a mixture more of historical approach, but still eciting and entertainig gameplay you are used to from CoH.

The "Battle of the Bulge" Mod is in its core, based on CoH Gameplay. You have to build base structures,capture fuel, munition and manpower points and research for upgrades. You gain command points and can use them for further options, depending on the doctrine you choose.

Although there are some differences:

Not only offmap units, even the ones you can build in your base structure, are influenced by the doctrine you choose. As long as you haven't decided for a special doctrine, you will only be able to build simple infantry buildings, Wehrmacht Quarters or Barracks. Other base structures will only e available after choosing a doctrine.

Doctrines , especially German ones, have been altered, towards a more historical approach.

You have the following doctrines available to choose between:

Allies Infantry Division: relies on special Infantry units, and buildable and movable artillery. You can call in support by other units, like Armored Cavalry Groups and Armor Divisions.

Airborne Division: No more parachuting!! The Airborn units must be produced and reinforced like any other infantry squad, but they are still tough fighters. This is due to the fact, that in the "real" Battle of Bulge the Airborn Divisions ( 82nd,101st) were rushed to the battlefield by truck and the weather in the beginning was too bad to paradrop. Bombing and Strafing runs will be available in later game, like Armor reinforcements.

Armor Division: You now have plenty of tank options and can also call in strong offmap battlegroups.


7th Army: This army was composed out of 5th Fallschirmjagerdivision and several infantry divisions. Good defensive options and some offmap Tank reinforcements, but no battetanks ( Pz IV, Panther) available to build, but Jagdpanzers like Hetzer or Jagdpanzer IV.

5th Panzerarmy: One of the two striking armies.Consisted mostly of Wehrmacht tank divisions. Good tanks, Panzergrenadiere and light Artillery support, but has also some defensive options like pak 38.

6th SS Panzerarmy: This was planned to be the main strikeforce. In this tree, you can build the famous Kingtiger tank, Waffen SS Infantry and much more. You can also call in "Operation Griffon" sabotage teams in American uniforms, which can operate behind enemy lines and later on may rout enemies by giving false commands.

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Download '' (371.98MB)

  CoH: Battle of the Bulge for CoH 1.71  Beta Version.
The final Mod will be released for patch 2.2 or CoH/OF.


Unzip to your CoH main Folder.

Find "Battle of the Bulge.exe" in your CoH folder and create a shortcut on your desktop. 
Start the exe/shortcut. On DOS prompt press any key. Thats all.

You may press "esc" to skip intro movie.



We almost instist ;) to download and use Dr.Lees speechfiles for CoH,
or to use German speechfile for Germans and english speechfile for Americans.
It boosts the atmosphere remarkably.

Some major gameplay changes:

Axis units gain veterancy like allies.

No offmap artillery options. Artillery units have to be built, but howitzers can now be moved. 

Moveable artillery and special Self propelled Artillery units, like Wespe, Hummel and Priest.

Rotatable buildings.

Snipers and scouts automatically hide when in cover, but CANT hide in exposed territory.

Exploding vehicles now cause casualties among nearby infantry.

Heavy Infantry units can now throw smoke grenades to conceal movement.

Much more tanks to build, like KingTiger, Wirbelwind, Jagpanzer IV, Hetzer,
Sherman Easy Eight, Sherman 76mm ( no more sherman upgrade), M36

Weapon ranges increased by approx 1/3. Damage too.

Tanks and vehicle wrecks cannot be crushed anymore and block the way.

special tank repair units or stations have to be built to repair tanks.

All main battle tanks can now use smoke screen. Allies have to research it first.


Coding/Modding: TornadoX, Halftrack,CF_NZ, PanzerJager ( 2.2/OF Version)

Mapping: Lord van Dalen, Henry666, [FL96] ACE r.i.p, nobody, Halftrack

Skins & GFX: Halftrack, tomarces

VERY BIG thanks go to:

Warnstaff ad Fenwe for the Advanced AI mod.

Gall and Skyward for making great models, although they re not ingame YET.

SIG21_Surgeon,for the flags and some skins.

LoranKorn for his excellent soundmod.

Fiffa for the webhosting and efforts in 3D exporting.

Lord Beowulf for unit Icons and portraits we borrowed from KMod.

Kyranzor and Sturmhaubitze, for always been willing to share their broad knowledge.

Sgt. D. Pilla for coding help, although nothings actually in it. ;)

Erwin Rommel for providing us with OF-Beta models. 

fneep, for all his efforts to satisfy the 3D users.

djukel, for his xcellent vehicle explosions effect.

Corsix, who made ALL CoH modding possible and whose modstudio is the base of all you see here.

And all the others at forums, who were willing and motivated to participate in the evolution of this mod.


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