A community balancing mod, where all units & abilities are made viable & useful in normal gameplay. Battletest stresses community input by a...


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A community balancing mod, where all units & abilities are made viable & useful in normal gameplay. Battletest stresses community input by allowing all its users to post comments on unit balance at thier forums, as well as allow replays to be posted of matches to illustrate any possibility of imbalance among units/abilities.

The official BattleTest website is found here.

**Don't forget to download the 2.0 Hotfix, found HERE!

Changes include:

Battletest 1.6 [2.00]

NEW Battletest Map

- 1v1 Duclair. - 1v1 Sturzdorf BT version.

Bug Fixes

- M3 Halftrack bug fixed. - Infantry AI has been tweaked so they actually stay in cover. - All weapons now do the same damage to both enemy and yourself. Some broken, reversed values are now fixed. - Pak38, Nebelwerfer, 57mm AT, Airdropped AT can now reinforce. - Captured weapon squads will no longer reinforce instantly. - Unkillable 5% health on the Observation Post is now removed.

Generic Changes

- All AT Guns vs Non-Armor types accuracy significantly decreased. No more "AT Sniping". - Panzerschreck, Recoilless Rifle, Bazooka accuracy vs Infantry reduced to 15% (from 35%). Accuracy vs Sniper reduced to 5% (from 35%). - Allied Jeeps and Axis Motorcyles are now more evasive (decreased accuracy) vs Panzershreks, RRs and Bazookas when on the move.

Axis Changes

- Axis Tiger Ace revamped. New stats + black model/skin (from single player campaign). - Axis Panther can now crush Tank Traps and hedgerows. - Axis StuG and StuH's gun traverse speed increased to 30 (from 15) - Axis Puma 20mm reload is now 5s (6 vanilla). Puma 50mm reload decreased to 7s (from 9). - Axis Flammenwerfer upgrade price to 125 Mun (from 100). Damage increased to 40-20 from 30-10. Range is now 25. - Axis Goliaths, 25% more evasion added. Price reduced to 100 Mun (from 125). - Axis Nebelwerfer cost reduced to 310 MP (from 325), buildtime reduced to 35s (from 40). Damage bug fixed: It was doing more damage to friendly than enemies. 40-20 (from 30-20). - Axis Flak88 rotation speed (horizontal/vertical) increased to 75/120 (from 40/100). 88's HP increased to 300 (from 200). Build time reduced to 60s (from 90). Bazookas and Tanks now have a 0.75 damage modifier vs the Flak88. Flak88 damage vs structures reduced, now matches the Tiger's 88mm. Penetration vs Jeep increase. - Axis Knights Cross Holder's cost reduced to 360 (from 390). - Axis Stormtrooper's Mp44 upgrade costs reduced to 50 Mun (from 75). Stormtrooper Bundle Grenade range reduced to 18 (from 20). - Axis Grenadiers LMG42 upgrade improved slightly in terms of damage and suppression rate. Cost remains the same. - Axis Sniper build time reduced to 40s (from 60). - Axis Officer accuracy improved to 25%/50%/75%. Critical ratio improved to 20% full, 30% half. Buildtime decreased to 45s (from 60). - Axis Firestorm delay reduced to 4s (15 vanilla). - Axis V1 Rocket price reduced to 300 Mun. Drop delay reduced, now 6s w/ 4s warning audio before it lands. V1 audio has been fixed to sync with new drop time. - Axis Propaganda CP reduced to 2 points (from 3). - Axis Blitzkrieg no longer gives accuracy penalty. - Axis Assault Phase Fuel cost reduced to 45 (from 55). Battle Phase Fuel cost reduced to 55 (from 65). - Axis Kampkraft Center price decreased to 100/20. - Axis Manpower Blitz cooldown increased to 4m (from 3). Penalty duration is now 2m.

Allied Changes

- Allied Pershing ability increased to 5 CP (from 4). Cost reduced to 800 MP (from 900). Radius fixed. - Allied Sherman .50 Cal upgrade reduced to 75 Mun (from 100). 76mm upgrade weapon radius reduced to match the Sherman's default gun. - Allied Croc radius reduced to 3 (from 4). Damage reduced to 40-20 (from 50-20). Range is now 25. - Allied Calliope rotation speed decreased to 33 (from 35). Acceleration decreased to 1.3. Max speed decreased to 5 (from 5.2). - Allied M8 's main gun reload shortened to 7s (from 9). Mine cooldown increased to 30s (from 15). - Allied 57mm AT Gun's damage vs Axis Flak88 reduced by half. - Allied Off-map drop delay reduced to 3s. On-map 105mm Howizter buildtime reduced to 60s (from 90). On-map Howizter cooldown increased to 90s (from 60). - Allied Rangers HP increased +5 per squad member. Rangers Bazooka accuracy increased to 25% (from 15%) long range and 50% (from 40%) medium range. Penetration changed to 6/4/0.5 (from 5.9/2/0.3). - Allied Paratroopers now cost 52 to reinforce (from 62). - Allied Rifleman Sticky Bomb damage reduced to 50-100 (from 100-150). BAR suppression duration is now 7s (from 15). - Allied MG AP rounds now lasts 30s (from 20). - Allied Sniper build time reduced to 40s (from 50). - Allied Supply Yard upgrade costs decreased to 100/50, 150/100 respectfully. - Allied Off-map Combat Support now brings in either 2x M10s and 1x Ranger or vice versa. - Allied War Machine price reduced to 200 Mun (from 250), lasts 20s (from 45), cooldown increased to 3m (from 1).

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This mod uses a self-installer, so getting to work should be easy, quick, and painless.

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