Ben 2 collines

Ben 2 collines is a fun-to-play 4 player map that comes with three pathways that will give you access to the enemy; To add some fun to the...


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Ben 2 collines is a fun-to-play 4 player map that comes with three pathways that will give you access to the enemy; To add some fun to the battles, and to increase the difficulty, the two bridges that run along the edge of the map are destructible, which, when destroyed, will leave only one choice for the teams use to travel to their opponants sanctuary....straight up the middle. This is sure to intensify any meetings between enemies, going this way has been nicknamed the Kill Zone by the developer: BenoitFR59, and with good reason!...if you're the type to keep your options open, holding and defending at least one bridge is something for you to consider.

As v1 saw the creation of this map, some changes made in this version include:

  • Some bugs are corrected
  • Added some point control

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Ce fichier provient de

Cette carte, pour 4 joueurs, et ma première création. Je l'ai réalisée en environ 20 heures avec le "worldbuilder" du patch 1.3
Sur cette carte, il y a 3 points de passage pour aller chez l'ennemi. Sur les cotés avec 1 pont destructible et par le centre avec ce que j'aime bien appeler le "coupe gorge".
Pour une partie intense, détruisez les ponts et passez par le centre; enfin, essayez...
Regardez les captures pour comprendre ce que je dis.

Il faut installer cette carte à la racine de Company of Heroes.
(exemple: C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of heroes)
Normalement l'install détecte l'emplacement du jeu!

4p_Ben_2 collines - v1.1


Change log:

- Correction de bugs
- Ajout de points de contrôle

- Création de la carte



I'm sorry for my English, I'm an french guy!  ;-)

This file comes from

This map, for 4 players, are my first creation. I have done this in 20 hours arround with the "worldbuilder" from de 1.3 patch.
On this map, you have 3 path ways to go to the enemy. On each side with 1 destructible bridge and by the middle with what I well like to call "kill zone".
For an intense game, destroy bridges and take the center way; at last, try...
Look the screenshots for understand what I say.

It's necessary to install this map in your Company of Heroes folder.
(example: C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of heroes)
Normally the install detect the game folder!

4p_Ben_2 collines - v1.1


Change log:

- Some bugs are corrected
- Add some point control

- Creation of this map


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