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On the track to make a good map better, Drksoul has returned with...


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On the track to make a good map better, Drksoul has returned with v4 of his popular map, to increase your Company of Heroes gaming enjoyment...this one comes with some visual changes, to draw you into the game a bit more. The premise of this map remains the same as the previous version of Birth Beach, which is the road leading into the Old City, takes you through this action packed, highly detailed map.

Changes in this version include:

  • Playable Area:
    • Difficulty (Medium-Hard)
    • Built Building (Built Base ahead of time)
    • More Cover (Beach and Base)
  • NonPlayable Area:
    • Organized Flak Positions (Put into the trench)
    • Bunkers (More Realism)
  • Both Areas:
  • Trench (stretched one end to the other)
  • Trench Texture (Same as above)
  • Bunkers (Hidden -- Destroyed on Playable, Built on NonPlayable)

The story of this map is a simple one, the Allies are launching an offensive similar to DDay, but in a smaller setting; The objective is to try to reach the highway leading into New City. But there is an Axis base standing in the way. With the artillery bombardment destroying most of the beach defenses, the Allies can land with more forces and rush to the highway.

Be prepared for a frag-u-lous good time as you do what you need to do to walk away with bragging rights!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'birthbeachv4.rar' (1.16MB)


Final verison

Do not modify this map in anyway Or claim it yours


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