Blazing Lowland

We have, for your Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts gaming enjoyment, a 6 player map submitted by a first time CoHFiles developer, A...


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We have, for your Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts gaming enjoyment, a 6 player map submitted by a first time CoHFiles developer, AGameAnx. As this developer is new at mapping, there is a good chance that you will find some bugs/issues within, however, he has stated that it is fully playable; The appeal factor is present throughout this map, and it is evident that this is not a quicky job, the lack of mapping experience aside, he has done a nice job of providing realism.


Once you find yourself inside Blazing Lowland you will notice that there is a lot of emphasis placed on infantry style battles, although, you can still have plenty of fun using the armour; You will also notice that there are some tight areas throughout, but not tight enough to be considered a choke point, so set your stratagy accordingly. There are also a number of potential battlefield locations, as well as a number of advantageous terrain designs that can be exploited, such as: Forests Water Entrenchments Villages

To play this map, you have only one task to complete, you must download it first! Enjoy.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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| Company Of Heroes:Opposing Fronts
| Type: 6 player Map [OF]
| Name: Blazing Lowland
| Author: AGameAnx
| Version: 1.0
| Release Date: 2007.12.09

| About:
|  Hi guys. Check out the map i made.
|  It's the first finished map by me, hope you'll like it :)
|  The map may need some more testing, since i don't have much experience in mapping.
|  But it's fully playable from what i can tell now.
|  The map looks very appealing to the eye. I've tried to make it as realistic as i could.
|  Lots of splats and splines in the map.
|  The focus was on making good infantry combats, but the result is that the tank combats are as fun too.
|  You will find all kinds of battlefields in the map, except city battles.
|  Forests, water, entrenchements and villages is where you will need to fight.
|  This is NO choke point map.
|  Even though there are some tight places they are not tight enough to easily setup a choke point.
|  All reported errors will be taken in mind ;)
| Install notes:
|  1. Go to your Company Of Heroes/WW2/Data folder
|  2. Go to or create Scenarios folder in there
|  3. Go to or create mp folder in Scenarios folder
|  4. Extract the map archive there
|  5. Run your Company Of Heroes in -dev mode. To do so:
|    a. Create a shortcut of RelicCOH.exe located in your Company Of heroes folder
|    b. Open Shortcuts preferences
|    c. Add this -dev to the Target field
|  6. When playing custom maps run your CoH through your created shortcut
|  7. Enjoy! The map should be in CoH map list in the bottom
| Contact info:
|  email: agameanx AT yahoo DOT com
|  WindowsLiveMessenger acc: agameanx AT hotmail DOT com
|  skype acc: agameanx

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