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Tim McCurdy brings us the first version of his mod Bloody British Buff, it was made to bring the default British 'up-to par' with the othe...


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Tim McCurdy brings us the first version of his mod Bloody British Buff, it was made to bring the default British 'up-to par' with the other teams.

Bloody British Buff has numerous changes to enhance, and extend your Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts experiance, changes include...

  • New Unit: Assault Infantry
  • Start with Sapper squad
  • Light Support Truck produces Tetrach, Stuart and MMG Carrier

Like most other starting out mod developers, Tim McCurdy would be appriciative if you could provide him with feedback and ideas

So if your an adamant British player, then this mod is for you! So why are you still reading?! Hit Download already!

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Company of Heroes: Bloody British Buff (v1)
by Tim McCurdy

Tested for Multiplayer use during all stages of development by Tim McCurdy and Chris Butler. 
Not tested in single player.


Mod Description:

Rebalances the previously sub-par British Commonwealth to be more or less toe to toe with the other armies. When I started modding the British had several problems:

 - Too Few Units
 - Too long tech tree relient on units making rushing hard
 - Trucks seem to build veriety of crap, no real specialization
 - No specific engineer unit, Sappers built defences but then were only anti-tank infantry
 - British Tanks coming too late
 - Commando tree was by far the best

Here are the changes I remember:

 - Start with Sapper squad instead of Infantry Selection.

 - Trucks redone. HQ Truck, Infantry Truck, Light Support Truck, Armour Truck. No prerequisites to goto the next truck. Limit 1 of each.
 - HQ Truck produces Sappers, Luietenent, Elite Scout (new) and Medic (new)
 - Infantry Truck produces Infantry Selection, Assault Infantry (new), Captain and Commandos (if commander).
 - Light Support Truck produces Tetrach, Stuart and MMG Carrier.
 - Armour Truck is unchanged, except the Command Tank requires the Royal Engineers commander and is no longer a prerequisite for the Firefly.

 - New Unit: Assault Infantry. Infantry Selection equiped with Thompson smgs and gernades. Moves quicker. Cannot build anything.
 - New Unit: SAS Sniper. Sniper with fireup ability. Cost and pop cap usage same as others. Takes longer to disappear after firing to compensate for fireup. Limit of 1. Can plant explosives if commando commander.
 - New Unit: Medic. Commander unit attached to squads. Heals nearby infantry slowly.

 - Some prices for units, upgrades and trucks changed.
 - MMG Carrier only requires manpower now, and is cheaper. Cannot reinforce units. Seriously guys wtf.... its too tiny to do that.
 - Sappers no longer get PIAT, now on infantry selection. Sappers instead get scout upgrade from Infantry selection who lose it. Useful for rushing for points early in game.
 - PIAT ambush no longer available. Instead PIAT upgrade gives 3 PIATs instead of 2.
 - Sappers have most defenses on their build menu.
 - Infantry selection have slightly less.
 - Commandos can no longer build.
 - Some projectiles sped up.
 - Stuart and Tetrach slowed down to compensate for Flank Speed ability.
 - All tanks get the "Tank Commander" upgrade. Upgrade costs more.
 - All Churchills get the mine sweeper upgrade.
 - Commando radar costs munitions and takes longer to setup.
 - Gliders no longer build new units. They now provide a healing aura and allow reinforcement from them.
 - Royal Commandos tree slightly changed.
      -- First left Upgrade unlocks commandos previously only seen from gliders to be built at Infantry Command Truck.
      -- Second left upgrade unlocks commando drop, and hq glider which can reinforce commandos. Also unlocks fireup ability on commandos.
      -- Third left upgrade unlocks tetrach drop.
      -- Third right upgrade uses 3 command points to total up commandos to use 12 points like everyone else. To compensate, artillery costs less and recharges quicker.

 - Royal Artilery tree slightly changed.
      -- Since command tank only for tank commander, first left upgrade costs 1 command point and description edited.
      -- Supercharged range bonus drastically increased. Previous ranges were 180 without and 250 with. Now is 250 without and 350 with. Costs 3 command points rather than 2.

 - Royal Engineer tree slightly changed.
      -- Left upgrade tree unchanged besides final upgrade only costing 1 command point.
      -- First right upgrade is "Tank Commanders". Unlocks the command tank and the flank speed ability on all tanks.
      -- Second right upgrade is "Churchill Tanks". Unlocks all of the Churchill tanks for deployment. Originally I wanted to make the buildable, but could not figure out how and tank commander always seemed to have plenty of manpower, lack of oil. Costs 4 command points.
      -- Final right upgrade is "Defensive Screen". Unlocks smoke canisters to be launched from Churchill tanks. Costs 2 command points.

 - AI modified to deal with changes, but they aren't steller. Problem with moving where units build and what order is the AI was messed more than before.


Next Version:

 - Possible tweaking/bugfixing
 - Try to fix AI, if I can figure out how
 - Get new icons for the new units and abilities. If you can make them, they probably will be used (because whenever I try, it doesn't work). Again, icons needed are:
      -- SAS Sniper
      -- Assault Infantry
      -- Medic



Extract to the game directory, duh.

However the less obvious part is you have to add (without quotes) "-modname bloody_british_buff -dev" to your Company of Heroes icon. Probably best to make a new icon rather than change it every time you want to play with people who prefer the British to suck.


Mod Compatability:

I have not tested it against other mods, and I don't see why I would considering most mods are fairly rubbish or biased.

However, the files changed only apply to the British and the mod uses only a few text entries so should be fairly compatable.


Any bug reports/misspellings/genious ideas please send to

But so help me, if you send me spam or retarded emails, I will smack you with a fist of ones and zeros through the intertubes. Don't tempt fate kids. And yes I know you're kids, only kids have enough time to bother reading all this.



Feel free to use anything you like, its not like I will notice. Giving credit is always appreciated and emailing me a link to your mod that incorporates my own will have me probably playing it.

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