Alright folks, this is my first map review, so bear with me.

Camp (4p) -Zixozixo

A large base surrounded by a village....


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Alright folks, this is my first map review, so bear with me.

Camp (4p) -Zixozixo

A large base surrounded by a village.


3 Victory Points 7 Low Fuel Points 7 Low Munitions Points

35 Munitions 35 Fuel (Not including default 5 fuel)

There are a few technical problems with this map. There is no save/replay picture, and no music during gameplay. The OOB is lacking, with a visible edge of the map. There is also no horizon mesh, making a clearly visible cutoff from of the edge of the map. Furthermore, territories are not drawn, making the division of territories seem odd (Drawn territories are much better for visually showing the significance of territories & cutoff points). Also, there are too many textures in a lot of chunks (Especially in the center of the map), sometimes reaching in excess of 6 textures per chunk, double that of the recommended amoung :eek: . (Each chunk should have up to 3 textures)

Resource wise, there is way too little munitions, making long-term use of infantry difficult, especially for Axis players, and also limits artillery use & unit upgrades. Consider making some of the low munitions points around the players' bases into high munitions points. Finally, A.I. points seem to be haphazardly placed, with several low, medium, and high points scattered near eachother, something I don't see as being good for the A.I. players.

Technical- 4/10


Overall, there were no immediate problems balance-wise. Resources seemed equal across the "middle", although I feel it would be better if their positions were mirrored (Less chance for a potential imbalance). Nevertheless, there were no apparent problems. Victory points are included, although only one is truly evenly spaced between the bases (The other two are purposely spaced closer to each base); Regardless, their placement is balanced, although most fighting will fiercely take place over the center one (Not a bad thing, of course ;) )

Balance- 10/10


The author suffers from overusing textures instead of splines & splats. There are a lot of textures being used where a series of splines would easily do the same job (Better so in some cases). Furthermore, some opacity could've been added to existing splines, and some of the layered textures need to have their strength toned down (The random rock bunches in the fields look incredibly out of place; they should at least have some sort of transparency around the edges). Also, some areas are sloped way too high, stretching out the texture significantly; consider smoothing out the area, or use a cliff object instead. There are instances of visibly floating groves around the player's bases (Player 3 especially). The offmap call-in locations are placed in odd locations; Offmap call-ins should come in from visibly off-map locations, rather than magically appearing within the players' base. Finally, the author should seriously consider the use of object splines, especially with the numerous fences & wires around the base, as object splines function far better than individually placed wall sections.

Design/Quality- 4/10

Fun Factor

Honestly, although the idea of capture-the-base is nothing new, I had a fun time with this map. It was difficult to effectively lock down the central base area with the low munitions, as it was difficult to use things like grenades, LMGs, flamethrowers, and whatnot with the low munitions, but I still had a fun time holding off attacks with MGs. The buildings were placed well enough to encourage use of MGs to lock off areas, without turning the map into a "Get your MG to the position first" sort of map. I was at first worried that the lack of any central med/high resource points would cause a loss of "flow" to the map, but my fears proved unfounded as I had to try hard to keep that base (I love holding up a good defense :D ). Despite the visual flaws, I couldn't help but get into that "zone", where it's all about the gameplay- Something that only good maps can do.

Honestly, I think the author simply needs to work on the design of the map, as it currently makes for a fun experience. Once all the kinks are ironed out (Although there are a lot of kinks), I would easily be able to call this a "must-have".

Fun Factor- 7/10

OVERALL 4+10+4+7=25/4=


Reviewed by Finalizer0

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1) Extract all files to "C:\.......\THQ\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios". 
Click yes to all if you get an overwrite message.

2) Create a copy of your shortcut to Company of Heroes, right click it, 
select properties and in the box named "Target", add " -dev" 
at the end (Note this is "SPACE-dev").

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