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We have a first time CoHFiles submitter here today that has released his first map for your gaming enjoyment! OrhanGazi brings you a fun 4 player map that will see you playing longer pitting your uber skilz against those that will try to do unto you before you do it to them!

Canyon (v01) comes with more defenses and protection which is afforded by high walls, this is what will add to the length of the game, however, don't go feeling too secure, you can still filled with enemy lead. The developer has stated that he has only tested this map in Single Player mode, so if you have any suggestions, feedback or constructive criticism, feel free to pass it on.

Refer to the readme for more information.




map size: large
          4 player map


1) Extract all files to "C:THQCompany of HeroesWW2DataScenariosmp". 

2) Create a copy of your shortcut to Company of Heroes, right click it, 
select properties and in the box named "Target", add " -dev" 
at the end (Note this is "SPACE-dev").

My first map 

I do not have so much experience, I am possible you help uses or you can treat yourself this map. 
I hope that your enjoy with this map.
"sory for bad engelish"

sent comments under filefront website.

email: [email protected]


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