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Not to be one to sit on his hands, BuckyBoy is back once again, he is here to enhance your Company of Heroes gaming experience, by providing a way to experience this game in a whole new way while on-line.

This mod is similar to the original Cheat Mod, except that it now also works in Multiplayer and Replays (without causing sync errors). However, the most important difference with Cheat Mod (v2.301) is that the HQ must be selected before any of the hotkeys will work.

Whats different in this version:

  • Fixed compatibility bugs that occurred when this mod was used with older versions of COH.

The Cheat Mod (v2.301) can be used for testing your map or mod, practicing your play, or simply having fun in skirmish or single player campaign! Don't be shy, time to sharpen those skilz!

Refer to the readme for additional information.



Cheat Mod v2.301 (for COH:OF and COH > v2.1 only!)

Hotkey List:
Shift + Control + F1 = Display Hotkey list
Shift + Control + F2 = Squad Hotkey List (of selected army)
Shift + Control + F3 = Ability Hotkey List (of selected army)
Shift + Control + F4 = Entity Hotkey List (of selected army)
Shift + Control + F5 = Revert chosen Commander Tree
Shift + F1 = Toggle FoW (fog of war)
Shift + F2 = Toggle Taskbar
Shift + F3 = Spawn all units of selected army
Shift + F4 = Toggle Instant Production
Shift + F5 = Toggle Instant Build
Shift + F6 = Toggle Instant Ability Recharge
Shift + F7 = Toggle AI
Shift + F8 = Toggle Selected AI
Shift + F9 = Change Atmosphere / Weather
Shift + F10 = Add Resources
Shift + F11 = Toggle Screensaver (cinematic mode)
Shift + F12 = Reload SCAR Scripts (for developers)
Shift + Numpad0 = game speed x 0.125
Shift + Numpad1 = game speed x 0.25
Shift + Numpad2 = game speed x 0.5
Shift + Numpad3 = game speed x 0.75
Shift + Numpad4 = normal game speed
Shift + Numpad5 = game speed x 1.25
Shift + Numpad6 = game speed x 1.5
Shift + Numpad7 = game speed x 2
Shift + Numpad8 = game speed x 4
Shift + Numpad9 = game speed x 8

Shift + Spacebar = Change Selected Army
Shift + / = Switch Control to other player

Shift + Insert = Change owner of selected units (middle insert button only)
Shift + Delete = Delete selection (middle delete button only)
Shift +  = Toggle Weapon Auto Targeting of selected units or buildings
Shift + . = Toggle AI Lock selection
Shift + ; = Increase Veterancy selection
Shift + ~ = Print Blueprint of selected unit (for developers)
Shift + [ = Copy (store selected squads or entity)
Shift + - = Special Copy (store entity at mouse cursor)
Shift + ] = Paste (spawn stored squads or entity)

Shift + [0-9], [A-Z] = Spawn Units of selected army
Shift + Control + [1-9], [A-Z] = Spawn Abilities of selected army
Shift + Alt + [0-9], [A-Z] = Spawn Entities of selected army

New in 2.301:
- fixed compatibility bugs that occured when cheatmod was used with older versions of COH. [2.1, 2.301>

- Copy & Paste ("special" copy can used for small objects, like fences, trees etc.) 
- Revert chosen commander tree (ctrl + shift + f5)
- Print blueprint of selected unit (useful for developers)
- some new units
- some bug fixes

- added Thompson & Recoilless Rifle to the Allies entities list.

- fixed bug with (PE) flakvierling.

- fixed bug with British Gliders (that happened when used with shift-f6, instant ability recharge)

New features:
- Switch Control to other players (shift + / )
- Veterancy upgrade (shift + ; )
- Locking/unlocking squads from AI (shift + . )
- Hotkey Lists ingame (ctrl + shift + F2, F3, F4)
- added missing Cromwell (shift + L)

- fixed missing speech in OF

- Added Panzer Elite & British armies

- Unlimited camera zoom
- Custom Map support (also .sga maps)
- Spawn buildings
- Toggle Instant Production / Build / Ability Recharge (Control + Shift + F2/F3/F4) 
- Toggle weapon auto targeting (Shift + )
- added Flakvierling 38 to axis squads (use Control + Shift + D)

- Added AI toggles for putting CPU players to sleep. You can also let the AI control your own army (with Shift+F8).
- Hotkeys can now work on a specific player: first select a squad or building owned by the player and then press a hotkey. For example: If you want to give resources to the enemy, select it's HQ first and then press Shift-F10. With this method you can also give units or abilities directly to the enemy.
- Added Atmospheres to change the lighting parameters of the scene.
- Added screensaver mode. (same as cinematic mode in replays)
- Removed Fog of War toggle in replays again, because it's no longer necessary with the latest Relic patch.

- Added "Fog of War" toggle in replays!
- Added some more game speed hotkeys (by request)

Installation Notes:
- if you have an older version of CheatMod (1.x) installed already, uninstall that one first, before installing the new one.
- if you have OF installed out-of-the-box, patch COH at least once, otherwise cheatmod may not work.


(for updates visit 1337coh.com)


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