CoH: Opposing Fronts v2.103 Patch - French



THQ has released a patch updating the French edition of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts to v2.103. It fixes a few bugs and crashes.

  • General:
    • Corrected a validation problem that exists on North American released copies of CoH: Game of the Year.
    • Fixed an occasional crash that would happen on quad-core CPU's.
  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed a bug in the Infantry Combat System that was causing inconsistent application of priority system.
    • Fixed a modifier in the church steeple that was enabling snipers to fire at drastically increased rates.
    • Fixed British infantry invincibility when capturing and reinforcing heavy weapons (Machine guns, mortars etc.)
    • Axis Knight's Cross Holders have abilities arranged so that both Assault and Fire Panzerfaust are usable from the command panel.

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