Company of Heroes v2.103 to v2.201 Patch - Italian

THQ has released an Italian patch for the original CoH & CoH: OF, bringing your retail game to v2.201, fixing a slew of bugs, adding...


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THQ has released an Italian patch for the original CoH & CoH: OF, bringing your retail game to v2.201, fixing a slew of bugs, adding tweaks, map changes, etc.


- Performance improvements, especially on single-core systems. - Fixed a bug with account secret question collisions. - Removed the ability to add chat messages with no content. - Streamlined the in game downloader and added checksum verification. - Increased the default volume mix output, should now be equivalent to original CoH. - Fixed a bug where speech and music would stop mid-game. - Replays now restore the custom atmosphere, and also do not reset the atmosphere for save games. - Fixed a bug that resulted in the UI losing functionality after watching an NIS. - The screen no longer remains black if you save the game during a black screen transition. - Fixed a number of incorrect speech triggers.


- Fixed the ending of OMG M07 so that the final mission speech does not play twice. - Fixed a potential crash that would occur in Caen M08. - Fixed Normandy M10 to ensure that the medal objective occurs when the Rangers arrive. - Ensured that the player would start with enough fuel to build a Howitzer at the start of Caen M01. - Removed extra lines in OMG M02 that were inaudible to the player with regards to the found plans. - Fixed a minor pathing issue in M05 of Best when squads garrison a particular house. - Fixed a keyless text reference when the player selects the neutral Goliaths in Normandy M08. - Fixed the special single player manpower point to increase in MP rate when an outpost is built on the point. - Ensured that the forward Motorpool Normandy M06 does not disappear when destroyed. - Map changes to Normandy M09.


- Airborne Satchel Charges reduced in cost from 75munitions to 50munitions. - American 105mm artillery barrage recharge increased by 25s. - American 76mm gun upgrade cost reduced from 200mp/100fuel to 200mp/85fuel. - American Airborne Recoilless Rifles have their setup times reduced to enable them to fire more effectively at moving vehicles. - American BAR weapon damage modifier increased from .5 to .75 against Marder III armour type. BAR will do more damage when it penetrates the armour of the Marder III. - American Offmap artillery arrival delay reduced by 1s. - American Rangers have some changes to their veterancy. Vet 1 received accuracy bonus is moved to Vet 2. Vet 2 received damage modifier is moved to Vet 1. - American Rangers have their reinforce costs increased by approximately 10mp per soldier. - American Riflemen receive longer range sticky bombs ability at Vet level 2. - American Sherman .50cal turret mount cost reduced from 100munitions to 75munitions. - British 17 pounder AT gun has its range increased marginally to account for the size of its emplacement. - British 25 Pounder scatter tuned to reduce overshooting. - British Armour Command Truck and Field Support Truck have their sight radii tuned. - British Deploy Marksman ability range reduced from 35 to 30. - British officers and Recon squads have their camouflage detection increased marginally. - British Sappers have their health individually increased by 5. - British trucks have a small camo detection radius. - Commando Artillery cost increased from 80munitions to 100munitions. - Defensive Operations (researched at the HQ) is required to enable healing at Panzer Elite Medical stations. - Goliath has reduced chance of taking an engine critical from small arms fire. - Jagdpanther costs set to be the same as King Tiger. Will cost 100mp upkeep per minute for 5 minutes. - M8 Greyhound 37mm gun cool down reduced from 9s to 7s. - MG42 Suppression increased vs tp_infantry_soldier (British Infantry/Panzer Elite Infantry)). - On map American 105mm howitzers and all Flak 88 variants have their build times reduced from 90s to 60s. - Pak 38 Vet 3 damage modifier reduced from 1.25 to 1.15 - Panzer Elite AT grenades set to do matching damage vs tp_infantry_soldier (British Infantry/Panzer Elite Infantry) target types - Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Focused Firing ability increased in cost from 30munitions to 40munitions. - Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Focused Firing ability will set a .55 speed modifier on the AT Halftrack for the duration of the ability. - Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Treadbreaker ability cost increased from 25munitions to 40munitions. - Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Treadbreaker ability range decreased from 45 to 32. - Panzer Elite Booby Trap ability recharge time increased. - Panzer Elite Defensive Operations cost increased from 100mp/20fuel to 150mp/30fuel - Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager FG42 weapon has its rate of fire reduced from 8 to 7. - Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager FG65 weapon is less effective against units in light and open cover. - Panzer Elite Flakvierling 38 cost changed from 340mp/20fuel to 300mp/35fuel. - Panzer Elite Funkwagen steals 100% of resources from enemy sectors now instead of 50%. - Panzer Elite grenadiers receive veterancy at a slower rate. Required 8 points for vet 1, 22 for vet 2, 36 for vet 3, now requires 12 points for vet 1, 26 for vet 2, 40 for vet 3. - Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack cost increased from 240mp/15fuel to 240mp/20fuel. - Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack had main MG42 Suppression reduced vs units in heavy and light cover. - Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack health reduced from 300 to 285. - Panzer Elite Infantry lose their received_accuracy modifiers for Defensive Vet 1 and Defensive Vet 2 - Panzer Elite Jager Kommand and Support Kommand costs increased from 220mp/20fuel to 220mp/30fuel. - Panzer Elite Luftwaffe Commander tree has its command point costs modified. Fallschirmjager increased from 2 to 3, Luftwaffe Ground Forces reduced from 2 to 1, Wirblewind increased by 1, Butterfly bombs reduced by 1. - Panzer Elite Mortar Halftrack barrage tuned by adding 1s to each cool down. - Panzer Elite Munition Halftrack cost reduced from 220mp/25fuel to 200mp/15fuel - Panzer Elite Panzer IV Infantry Support tank had its main weapon accuracy increased vs tp_infantry (US and Wehrmacht infantry) and tp_infantry_elite (US Rangers) from .4 to .5. - Panzer Elite Scout Car Logistik Upgrade decreased in cost from 40munitions to 25munitions. - Panzer Elite Sector Artillery costs 3 command points instead of 4. - Panzer Elite Tank Busters reduced in cost from 390mp to 360mp. - Panzer Elite Wirblewind AA vehicle increased in effectiveness vs light vehicles. Rounds Will have a greater chance of penetrating Armour of vehicles like M24 Greyhound and M19 Halftracks. - Panzer Elite Wirblewind has improved accuracy modifiers against massed infantry. - Panzer Grenadiers max builders set from 12 to 6. This will reduce the construction speed of Panzer Elite infantry. - Probability of blowing up a flamethrower armed soldier is reduced. - Turret mounted machine gunners have their chance of death criticals reduced in most weapon categories. - Wehrmacht Flak 88 health increased from 200 to 325. - Wehrmacht Registered Artillery cost reduced from 150munitions to 125munitions. - Wehrmacht StuH 42 weapon does marginally increased area damage to infantry. - Wehrmacht Volksgrenadiers get a new K98 rifle tuned vs tp_infantry_soldier (British Infantry/Panzer Elite Infantry). Damage modifier increased from .6 to .65.

Data Bug Fixes

- Set UI stats correctly for Jagdpanther. Was 3/5/5/4, should be 9/3/7/5. - Axis 88 crews will no longer lose their medical kit during the Battle Phase. - PE Assault Grenadiers cannot pick up dropped bazookas that they cannot use. - Axis Wehrmacht and Stormtroopers no longer use the same group selection. Double-clicking on either unit type will no longer select both unit types. - British Command Trucks will crush tank traps or other blocking objects for a short duration when they first appear on the map. - Kettenkrad will no longer have the rudimentary repair ability before the Tank Destroyer command tree is selected. - The American Tank Depot will count properly in Annihilate Games. Players will not lose Annihilate Games if all they have left is a Tank Depot. - Panzer Elite Sprint Ability is visible with requirements - Activate Panther Battlegroup upgrade on HQ now has a shortcut key. - Units can no longer repair slit trenches. - Several UI bugs were fixed when British emplacements were taken over by non-British allied or enemy forces. - Fixed a bug where the British Lt was applying his speed modifier bonus to some enemy and allied troops. - Fixed a bug where Heroic Charge 'fatigue' modifiers were not being applied after Heroic Charge had been used. - Fixed a bug where Panzer Grenadiers would detect mines while garrisoned in a halftrack. - V1 Fixes - fixed a bug where the V1 would fail if it was targeted on a unit that died before the V1 arrived. V1s should only target position, not entity.

Map Changes

- Linden & Bedum added to the playlist. - Bernieres Sur Mer - top fuel point on right side of island had a gap placed in the wall. - Wolfheze - Some shotblocking hedgerows were placed by a house to the north of the bottom-left base. - Bedum - Some shot blocking set around a house in the bottom center of the map. - Linden - some points and victory points moved slightly to create better balance between the north and south teams. - Best - some points moved to create better balance between the two players. - Langres - Map base areas increased in size.

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