Combat Mod 1.0

This mod is also pretty neat! (I keep saying that :) )

This actually changes pretty much.

Basically it changes alot of damage and rang...


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This mod is also pretty neat! (I keep saying that :) )

This actually changes pretty much.

Basically it changes alot of damage and range and health for units, but it will also change alot of units on which buildings there are and etc.

It's everything you can expect from a mod! It's good!

So give it a try today!

- Tharulerme

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Combat Mod v1.0a
Important Note: Installation
The Icon needs to be changed to THQ, to do this right click the shorcut and then click properties
From there change the text "1company of heros" to THQ and that Icon will run the mod.
Just drop the A_mod module file and folder in the COH directory and double click the icon.

Changes: as of Version 1.0a 7-10-06 11:00Pm PST 
Well to start I edited the firing distances of all tanks and AT guns, lower and higher depending on the calibur of the cannon
Basically, it goes like this, Stug is basically unchanged, the Puma has been lowered on the range(I noticed it was the same as panthers)
                      Panzer IV has its massive range like it really did, same with Panther and Tiger(Tiger had an increase on health, 2 AT guns made it look like a sissy girl). Sherman 75mm has a little shorter range than the german AT gun but the 76mm upgrade makes it a little more, also has been cheapend along with lower HP. Greyhound has same stats as Puma, little weaker HP. M10, slightly longer range than the 76mm Sherman, nothing changed HP wise. M26 Pershing has a slight edge on range over the Tiger and also is a little cheaper. Units added to barracks/Wermacht Q, Rangers Airborne Spec Ops(Allied new unit, equivilant to ST's)/Storm Troopers, also the strum armory has the Opel Blitz(Picture is still purple I think) its free and a fast way to get around. Volksgrenadiers squadsize is now 8, grenadiers is now 6... Pioneers/Engineers are now 4 units. Axis has a new building, Anti Tank Bunker a 50mm AT gun in a can... AND!! some tanks have infantry support, 4 infantry units, as really in WW2 tanks were never alone... Also this may cause some tanks to cost more... (Panther mainly) Mg42 crew is now 2 members, (gunner/feeder) Sniper squads now have 2 members, one of them never goes into camo, will be fixed by 1.1a if not sooner.... the description for my new unit (Spec Ops) says "$100001 no key", otherwise it works fine.

And Usage is like strict, so PM me on the relic forums (Knowsknone) if you want to use my mod in your mod, or to upload it to another site feel free to just let me know where... Also, if your mod has similar ideas like mine, don't complain becuase you "Think" you thought of it first, I doubt I have been the first to think of this, just one of the few that did it and relased it, so for you few who will... GO CRY SOMWEHRE ELSE MKAY? Thats out of the way, have fun with this leave me feedback and any Ideas to add or change, and thanks, HAVE FUN!

Naradaman(Help with 88...)

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