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This is a mod for Company of Heroes, it is called Combat Revolution and is the final release in the series, this mod includes MANY other fea...


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This is a mod for Company of Heroes, it is called Combat Revolution and is the final release in the series, this mod includes MANY other features of mods, like LoranKorns SoundMod and Halftracks Skins mod. This is an update from Combat Revolution Mod v1.

CDC - Cheats Domain Coding, apologize for the large file size download, which is due to the addition of new skins, A LITE version of the mod will be available soon from

Changes: Fixed a few errors concerning vehicle wrecks Fixed a few DEAD body errors Added Halftracks Vehicle Skins and Troop skins Reduced hitpoints of Tank Traps Fixed armoured cars crushing tank traps fixed crocs without upgrades crushing tank traps Goliath now has slightly more hitpoints Added Halftracks skins pack

&&&ALLIES:&&& Mortors Even More Accurate, and Have larger Range MG Bunkers have a larger range and more accurate All buildings are buildable anywhere now. All Buildings rotatable Caped Delta Force Fixed Issue Concerning Allie Smoke Screen for Vehicles not able to be used sometimes Howitzers, Can Now Move Howitzers, have higher minimum capture team, and higher maximum capture team Howitzers have lower population cost's. Added Repair Engineers, Can build defenses and repair much faster than ordinary engineers. MG Bunkers Have bigger Fire Cone AIRBORN INFANTRY FROM 6 TO 12, NUM LEFT AT 6 ENGINEER FROM 3 - 4 NUM DOWN TO 3 RANGERS FROM 5 - 11 NUM LEFT AT 5 + 1 LEADER RIFLEMEN FROM 5 - 11 NUM LEFT AT 5 + 1 LEADER SNIPER SQUAD FROM 1 - 2 NUM LEFT AT 1 GAVE RIFLEMEN SQUADS ANTI INFANTRY and ANTI TANK UPGRADE CHOICES REDUCED SHERMAN ROTATION RATE REDUCED SHERMAN RANGE REDUCED SHERMAN SPEED LIMITED NUMBER OF SNIPER SQUADS TO 3 REDUCED SHERMAN ACCURACY ADDED MIN RANGE FOR SHERMAN LIMATED ALL ALLIE TANK TYPES TO 2 SNIPER CAN NOW PICK UP LIMITED ALLIE HALFTRACKS AND ARMOUR CARS TO 2 ALLIE RIFLES MORE ACCURATE TO BE MORE REALISTIC (OTHER THAN SNIPER) Added Mr Bilbo's Illumination Flare to the Mortar Squads. Increased Mortar Accuracy SLIGHTLY Increased SMG accuracy SLIGHTLY Increased Infantry Anti Tank Gun Accuracy ADDED NEW RIFLEMEN SQUAD WHICH HAS ANTI INFANTRY AND ANTI TANK + OWN UNIQUE MORE POWERFUL STICKBOMBS + OWN MORE POWERFUL STICKBOMBS + Smoke Grenades MADE RANGERS BUILDABLE FROM BARACKS INCREASE FIRE UP ABILITY DURATION FROM 15 SECONDS TO 120 SECONDS MADE TRIAGE CENTER BUILDABLE ANYWHERE IN OWN TERRITORY ADDED CAP FOR DELTA FORCE SQUAD VEHICLES PROVIDE HEAVY COVER VEHICLES COME WITH SUPPORTING TROOPS Delta Force now DONT reinforce for 10 munitions Delta Force Grenades and Sticky Bombs Increased Recharge Time, and Now Cost Delta Force hitpoints reduced, now easier to kill Delta Force Squad cost more BUILDABLE Rangers cost more Riflemen squad cost reduced MG Range Reduced Greatly Removed Supporting Troops for Vehicles All weapon files looked at and tweaked a bit Callopie should now be as per 1.5 changes patch SMG Squad Added Repair Engineers given FireUp Ability Supply Drop cost 200 manpower Added Bazooka Team, and UI Details for team.

&&&****AXIS:****&&& Mortors More Accurate Mortors have larger range. (Mortors are better than allie mortors) All buildings Buildable anywhere now All buildings rotatable Capped SS squad. Added Repair Engineers, Can Repair Faster than Allie Engineers, And Much Stronger 88's Have larger range 88's Have Larger Area of Effect 88's Have lower population cost's MG'S have bigger range MG'S have bigger Fire Cone Building MG's Bigger Range/Fire Cone Mortors More Area Effect GRENADIER SQUAD FROM 3 - 6 NUM LEFT AT 3 GRENADIER SQUAD MG42 FROM 3 - 6 NUM LEFT AT 3 KNIGHTS CROSS HOLDER FROM 3 - 6 NUM LEFT AT 3 SNIPER SQUAD FROM 1 - 2 NUM LEFT AT 2 STORMTROOPERS FROM 3 - 6 NUM LEFT AT 3 VOLKSGRENADIER SQUAD FROM 4 - 8 NUM LEFT AT 4 VOLKSGRENADIER SQUAD 2 PANZERFAUSTS FROM 4 - 8 NUM LEFT AT 4 PIONEER SQUAD FROM 2 - 3 NUM LEFT AT 2 LIMITED NUMBER OF SNIPER SQUADS TO 4 CHANGE PZ4 RELOAD RATE TO GIVE SHERMAN A CHANCE OF A KILL LIMITED ALL AXIS TANK TYPES TO 2 SNIPER CAN NOW PICK UP LIMITED AXIS ARMOUR CARS AND OPELBLIZT AND HALFTRACKS TO 2 AXIS RIFLES MORE ACCURATE (OTHER THAN SNIPER) GAVE GRENADIERS MG42 UPGRADE AND ANTI TANK GAVE STORMTROOPERS MP44 AND ANTI TANK UPGRADE (OR MAYBE THEY ALREADY HAD AN MP44) Increased Stug IV and Panzer IV effectiveness against Infantry Increased Mortar Accuracy SLIGHTLY Increased SMG accuracy SLIGHTLY Gave MP44 Much more realistic accuracy ADDED THE SS Shock Troopers SQUAD MORE POWERFUL THAN DELTA FORCE SQUAD GOLIATH >>>ALOT<<< MORE POWERFUL VERY VERY DEADLY VEHICALS PROVIDE HEAVY COVER VEHICALS COME WITH SUPPORTING TROOPS SMARTER AI GOLIATHS ARE BUILT THROUGH OUT THE MATCH NOW Removed Supporting troops Reduced hitpoints for Shock Squad Reduced hitpoints for Grenadiers Reduced hitpoints for Volks Grenadiers Reduced hitpoints for other originally increased squads. All weapons looked at and tweaked Goliath now has higher hitpoints MG range reduced greatly SMG Squad Added

Semi Completed: Ability to plant Demolition charges on Vehicle wrecks to allow for easy removal in case of chock points Fixing Bazooka Teams Smoke grenades and Sticky bombs (still working on!)

GENERAL CHANGES: All 1.5 changes should now be in effect. If not let me know and i will correct it! Strafing Run now greater effect against targets, also now cause's friendly fire damage, and supression! Snipers now provided supression...only realistic! AI should now build all custom squads Pings now occur for the following...: Infantry Under Attack Sniped Squad Completed Squad Pinned Teammate Attacked Vehicle Attacked Construction Completed Casualty Squad Spawned >>END<< UI Info changed for Pings and Alerts UI Info changed for some squads and buildings Cover Search Radius Increased in the Tuning Table All defenses such as sandbags, wire, tank traps, now cost manpower Added in LoranKorn's Sound mod Vehicle wrecks, now stay on the battlefield. DEAD Bodys Stay on battlefield


NOTE: I am aware that the skins add a HUGE amount of size to the update, i will be releaseing a version soon which does not have the skins

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Download '' (73.65MB)

Command Line : -dev -modname Combat_Revolution

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