This is only a patch to 0.5v beta, you need 0.2v to run it. You can fin...


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This is only a patch to 0.5v beta, you need 0.2v to run it. You can find it here

This is Revolucion09's first Company of Heroes Mod, it will be centrated on REALISM and MICROMANAGAMENT. Giving to the player the individual control of any unit of the squad separatly. For example, in AT situation, you can send only 1 submachine gunner to flank this gun while the rest of the suqad are in safe place.

The AI is done as if you do for example an Attack Move or units are under attack, Infantry, automatically will take cover individually and defend their self. THIS MEANS you can create infantry of your choice, regroup them and send them to an specific places. They'll do their job as everytime they did it. The feature now is that you can change the battle to your side by micro'ing individually every unit. I mean, anti-tanks to tanks, smg to short fight, rifles to support, heavy guns to suppress, etc..

CHANGES SINCE 0.2BETA *Rangers and Stormtroopers are now more expensive* *Infantry increased Sight range* *Rotable buildings* *Carbine Bug Fixed* *Realistic Weapons Data for Rifles* *MGs start with one Crew only and Mortars with two* *Changed Units Costs. Bar now doesn't use fuel and thompson uses more manp* *Raised damage of Karabine98 Axis rifle* CHANGES SINCE 0.3BETA *Dead units stay longer* (NOT WORKING GOOD) *Added GreaseGun and MP38 as Squads of two members* *2 Bugs fixed* CHANGES SINCE 0.4BETA *Vehicles Buildings are cheaper* *Greyhound, armoured german car sdkfz, jeep and motorcycle, Tanks machine guns, are more effective* *Added mg42 to German Stug* *Bazooka and Panzerschreck Data in UI corrected* *Dead units Bug fixed. Now units Die correctly But yet don't stand in ground* *Airborne AT Crew bug fixed* *Garand and Carbine now Shoot faster* *Set Realistic Data for Every TANK and ARMOURED CAR Guns!!*

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Download 'commando_05beta_nomodels.rar' (4.79MB)

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