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This is my first Company of Heroes Mod, it will be centrated on REALISM and MICROMANAGAMENT. Giving to the player the individual control of...


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This is my first Company of Heroes Mod, it will be centrated on REALISM and MICROMANAGAMENT. Giving to the player the individual control of any unit of the squad separatly. For example, in AT situation, you can send only 1 submachine gunner to flank this gun while the rest of the suqad are in safe place.

The AI is done as if you do for example an Attack Move or units are under attack, Infantry, automatically will take cover individually and defend their self. THIS MEANS you can create infantry of your choice, regroup them and send them to an specific places. They'll do their job as everytime they did it. The feature now is that you can change the battle to your side by micro'ing individually every unit. I mean, anti-tanks to tanks, smg to short fight, rifles to support, heavy guns to suppress, etc..

-Different Icons for units so we can see what they are without having to click (Not in 0.2b)

-Realism, each unit and its weapon is CONFIGURED individually. Im setting realistic information from wikipedia applyed to the game. I'm going to incluide, speed of units depending of their weapons, sight range and shooting range, accuracy, reloading time, shooting frequency, and MANY other things I dont remember now. (NOT FULL TESTED. NOT FULL BALANCED. I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK)

-Raised vehicles cost, this will improve micro'ing and taking care of them

-Included most of all vehicles, heavy tanks, artillery, transport

-NEW SKINS (Thanks HALFTRACK) for most of units and vehicles!!

-REWORKED AI using as base the AI Advanced Mod to make the AI uses every unit. With help of Fenwe and Warnstaff and other things I tweaked from AI Files, I Could make that the AI uses every unit. So you'll have infantry action for sure. Its too fun, but yet AI doesn't use vehicles.

-New Units and one new building. Around 30 Customized Units! an Authority Center for US wich gives ranked infantry and more!. Every Unit has its own abilities and features that make difference from each other. (most of new abilities are not done yet) -Many other things I Dont remember now


Kyranzor for helping and giving tips

Fenwe and Warnstaff for let me use their ADVANCED AI MOD and helping me into AI Tweaks

Hawk_eye for giving important tips for next mapping on this mod

Halftrack for let me use his skin packs!

With this version, the full MOD Idea IS NOT COMPLETE.

THERE MAY BE MANY BUGS AND IT IS NOT BALANCED. This BETA is posted for those who want to TEST the system and GIVE A FEEDBACK REPORT. The most possible erroneus part should be the vehicles one.

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Download 'coh_commando_02beta.rar' (60.95MB)

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