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This is a Company Of Heroes Modification about realism and micromanagement. The main features in this modification include the following;...


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This is a Company Of Heroes Modification about realism and micromanagement. The main features in this modification include the following;

Units are individual. As classic RTS, you wont have squads. you create your own by choosing which unit (by weapons) to create. AI Also do this, you'll have battles as before, but now, units can separate, make micromanagement tactics and more. Flank an AT Gun, a MG or flank a Tank to confuse him!

Realism, each unit and its weapon is CONFIGURED individually. I'm setting realistic information from wikipedia applied to the game. I'm going to include, speed of units depending of their weapons, sight range and shooting range, accuracy, reloading time, shooting frequency, and MANY other things I don't remember now. The Same for Vehicles!

NEW SKINS for most of units and vehicles

REWORKED AI using as base the AI Advanced Mod to make the AI uses every unit. With help of Fenwe and Warnstaff and other things I tweaked from AI Files, I Could make that the AI uses every unit. So you'll have infantry action for sure

About 15 New Units and one new building. Every Unit has its own abilities and features that make difference from each other.

New Icons for Every Unit.

SPECIFICATIONS are as follows:

Units and Weapons: Changed*Shooting Ranges *Reloading Times *Cooldown Times *Aim and Recoil *Sight limits *Staying dead bodies *Speed of units depending on their weapons *Capture Times Allies -M1 Garand 8 Shots, No before reloading. Fast Shot. -M1 Carbine 15 Shots, After reloading. Faster Shot -M3 GreaseGun Good accuracy low damage. 30 shots -M1A1 Thompson Submachine gun Mid Accuracy high damage. 30 shots -Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) Low accuracy very high damage. 20 shots -Rangers, Leaders and Highly trained Infantry are Greater, they have better accuracy, hiding bonus, etc -Mortars have increased shooting range, but cannot see far away. good if there is some spot unit -Machine Gun 30Cal has increased shoting range and shooting speed changes Axis -Karabine98 and Karabine98 with Granades 1 Shot and Reload. Low shooting but very high damage -MP38 Compared to the GreaseGun, this has more recoil but more damage -MP40 30 Shots high damage -MP44 With Granades A little best in accuracy and recoil. -Granadiers, Stormtroopers and leaders are highly trained. -Mortar is similar to the american one. this one does more damage -MG42 is a Mortal Weapon. Bad in short ranges.

CREDITS are as follows;

-Kyranzor for helping and giving tips

-Fenwe and Warnstaff for let me use their ADVANCED AI MOD and helping me into AI Tweaks

-Halftrack for let me use his skin packs!

-EZ-Nixon for making ALL the icons

-And all those who supported me.

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