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This is a modification for Company of Heores. The mod is an update from [url=;...


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This is a modification for Company of Heores. The mod is an update from Commando Realism Mod v1.0.

Main Features -Extreme Realism. I'm Using information from Wikipedia about the Second World War II and applying it to the mod as best as i can. For infantry, guns and vehicles. -Micromanagement. You build units individually by their weapons.

-Units and Weapons list. Allies *M1 Garand Rifleman (automatic rifle 8 shots) *M1 Carbine Rifleman (automatic rifle 15 shots) *M3 GreaseGun Scout (SMG 30 shots) *M1A1 Thompson SMG (SMG 30 shots) *Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) (20 shots. Light MG) *Airborne equipped with M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and Thompson *Rangers equipped with M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson and BAR (Rangers are better trained, they have greater accuracy, speed, and cover selection, etc) *Ranked Infantry - Garand, BAR and Thompson. Related with strategy Commands. read above. *Piershing Heavy Tank. Related with strategy Commands. read above *Transport Truck *Mortar and MachineGun (Changed about shooting range) *Bazooka unit *Jeep is useful now *Sniper modified

Axis *Kar98 (Karabiner) Manual Rifle (one shot and reload) *Kar98 With Grenades. Strategy commands related. read above. *MP38 Scout unit (SMG 30 shots) *MP40 (SMG 30 shots) *MP44 With Grenades (SMG 30 shots) *Grenadiers and Stormtroopers have the same weaponary. but they are better trained, as rangers. (some differences though) *Grenadier Light MG42 (strategy commands related. read above) *Grenadier Panzerschreck (strategy commands related. read above) *Officer is in Basic Barracks (strategy commands related. read above) *Added Tiger tank (strategy commands related. read above) *Mortar and MachineGun (Changed about shooting range) *Motorcycle is useful now *Sniper modified

-Strategy Gameplay Changed. I've done many changes so this affects strategy, specially with the individual units, realism i've added, abilities and new units Command Strategy Related changes: Allies Infantry Specialized: *Ranked infantry. Very well trained infantry. Limited to 3 and 5 depending on the weapon *Bonuses to infantry units

Airborne Specialized: *Better trained Paradropable Infantry. These guys can change the face of battle. They have also a sniper. *Increased damage for planes

Armour Specialized: *Can build Piershing heavy tank (only US tank that can face Panther and Tiger) *Engineers can repair vehicles

Axis Defense Specialized: *Can build Light MG42 and Panzerschreck Grenadiers *Bonus under cover units

Blitzkrieg Specialized: *Have officer in basic barracks for free. Limited to 1 as always *Can build Kar98 infantry with grenades

Terror Doctrine Specialized: *Can build the Tiger Tank at cheap cost *Can build Knigh Cross Units (trained infantry)

-Weapon Changes. For Small weapons, vehicle guns, planes, artillery... *Accuracy *Recoil *Damage *Exploding range *Shooting Range *Reloading time *Reloading Frequency *Weapon's Cooldown *Mortars and MGs have 2 Crews only

-Vehicles and Guns Changes. *Speed of vehicles *Acceleration and Break speed *Speed for turning around *Turret speed *Accuracy and Shooting ranges *Shooting frequency *Armor resistance *Armor penetration *All vehicles have Gunner included (also the Stug)

-Gameplay Changes. *Changed Capture times, buildings times, costs, etc *Game rules changed for faster and more fun games. *Deleted Seargant Center *Deleted Tank Depot and the Second Axis Motorpool. Now heavy tanks are with light tanks and guns *Changed pause menu logo. lol.

-Other Changes. *Increased sight for all units and vehicles. We're not too short with the eyes, lol. *Increased Battle distances. We're not at 5 meters shooting one to the other. *Bodies stay forever (a little buggy yet, but im finding out) *Vehicles don't disappear (the same as the bodies, its buggy, but they both work) *Engineers and Pioneers have Sattle Charges *Ranked infantry has fireup ability and has level 3 veterancy *Sniper has not camouflage anymore *Mortar can shoot more than what he can see. you can attack ground you dont see *Phase 4 for axis is not useful. You don't have the last tank building *Removed Skins -Icons for every new unit -AI Tweaked for using infantry, tanks and abilities -Around 200 game changes! Ive counted the modified files and this is real!

-Gameplay Hints: *Use the Order "Attack Move". The AI is tweaked so in that order, the units, when finding an enemy, they take cover individually in the nearest safe place *Select a group of units and 'one click' when the 'cover' shield appears. in that way all the group will take cover in that place *Set unit in every resource point. Points are easly capturable, so better defend them. *Play fast, you have many cheap units

CREDITS -Kyranzor for helping and giving tips -Fenwe and Warnstaff for let me use their ADVANCED AI MOD and helping me into AI Tweaks -EZ-Nixon for making ALL the icons -And all those who supported me

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Download '' (5.05MB)

Install Instructions
Just run commando_15.exe
follow instructions.
you should have the icon in the desktop ready to launch.
if its not working the line is
-dev -modname Realism_Mod

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