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This is a modification for Company Of Heroes. This mod is an update from [url=


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This is a modification for Company Of Heroes. This mod is an update from Commando Realism Mod v1.5

ATTENTION - PLEASE READ -PLAY 1.5 Those Who want to Control Units individual depending on their weapons, get new available units when taking a command gameplay mode and other Micromanagement gameplay.

-PLAY 2.0 Those who prefer The individual units removed and replaced by Squads and instead of new available units, you get new available updates. Tanks are accompanied with infantry and many other realism gameplay. ATTENTION - PLEASE READ

Changes since v2.0 (Balance Issues) *Costs changed (Units and Vehicles) *Squad Numbers *New requisites for some upgrades (as for example, to get thompson you need Supply Center) *IMPROVED AI For US (Now it uses Shermans, Greyhounds and M10. Maybe Pershing also) *Weapons damage (some squads werent able to even hurt other squads, redone all weapons damage) *Times (producing units, vehicles and capturing minimal changes) *Grenadiers are more effective and cheaper *Tanks are bit more expensive in Fuel *Panzerschreck has more accuracy *And many changes about Balance

Main Features -Extreme Realism. I'm Using information from Wikipedia about the Second World War II and applying it to the mod as best as i can. For infantry, guns and vehicles. -Micromanagament. You build units individually by their weapons.

-Units and Weapons list. Allies *M1 Garand Rifleman (automatic rifle 8 shots) *M1 Carbine Rifleman (automatic rifle 15 shots) *M3 GreaseGun Scout (SMG 30 shots) *M1A1 Thompson SMG (SMG 30 shots) *Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) (20 shots. Light MG) *Airborne equiped with M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and Thompson *Rangers equiped with M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson and BAR (Rangers are better trained, they have greater accuracy, speed, and cover selection, etc) *Ranked Infantry - Garand, BAR and Thompson. Related with strategy Commands. read above. *Piershing Heavy Tank. Related with strategy Commands. read above *Transport Truck *Mortar and MachineGun (Changed about shooting range) *Bazooka unit *Jeep is usefull now *Sniper modified

Axis *Kar98 (Karabiner) Manual Rifle (one shot and reload) *Kar98 With Grenades. Strategy commands related. read above. *MP38 Scout unit (SMG 30 shots) *MP40 (SMG 30 shots) *MP44 With Grenades (SMG 30 shots) *Grenadiers and Stormtroopers have the same weaponary. but they are better trained, as rangers. (some differences though) *Grenadier Light MG42 (strategy commands related. read above) *Grenadier Panzerschreck (strategy commands related. read above) *Officer is in Basic Barracks (strategy commands related. read above) *Added Tiger tank (strategy commands related. read above) *Mortar and MachineGun (Changed about shooting range) *Motorcycle is usefull now *Sniper modified

-Squads and Abilities. Allies *Engineer Squad. 3 Engineers, 2 Garand Rifleman *Rifleman Squad. 3 Garand, 2 Carbine, 1 Radio You can upgrade this squad with -Thompson -Bar -Bazooka *Ranked Trained Rifleman Squad. 3 Garand, 2 Bar, 1 Thompson leader -Abilities: suppression and fire up -Limited to 1 -This can only be built by those who selected Infantry Doctrine *M10 Destroyer, *Sherman, *Crocodile, *Piershing are accompanied by 2 Riflemans (Now tanks give cover)

Axis *Pioneers, 2 Pioneers, 2 Kar98 Volksgrenadier *Volksgrenadier Team, 2 Kar98, 1 leader, 2 MP40 Can be upgraded with -MP44 for those who choose Defensive Doctrine *Grenadier Team, 2 Kar98, 1 leader, 1 MP44 Can be upgraded with -Panzerschreck -Light MG42 for those who choose Defensive Doctrine *Stug, *Panzer IV, *Panther and *Tiger are accompanied by 2 Volksgrenadier

-Strategy Gameplay Changed. I've done many changes so this affects strategy, realism i've added, abilities and new units Command Strategy Related changes: Allies Infantry Specialized: *Ranked infantry. *Bonuses to infantry units Airborne Specialized: *Better trained Paradropable Infantry. These guys can change the face of battle. They have also a sniper. *Increased damage for planes Armour Specialized: *Can build Piershing heavy tank (only US tank that can face Panther and Tiger) *Engineers can repair vehicles Axis Defense Specialized: *Can UPGRADE Light MG42 and MP44 *Bonus under cover units Blitzkrieg Specialized: *Have officer in basic barracks for free. Limited to 1 as always Terror Doctrine Specialized: *Can build the Tiger Tank at cheap cost *Can build Knight Cross Units (trained infantry)

-Weaponary Changes. For Small weapons, vehicle guns, planes, artillery...

*Accuracy *Recoil *Damage *Exploding range *ShootingRange *Reloading time *Reloading Frequency *Weapon's Cooldown *Mortars and MGs have 2 Crews only

-Vehicles and Guns Changes.

*Speed of vehicles *Acceleration and Break speed *Speed for turning around *Turret speed *Accuracy and Shooting ranges *Shooting frequency *Armor resistance *Armor penetration *All vehicles have Gunner included (also the Stug)

-Gameplay Changes.

*Changed Capture times, buildings times, costs, etc *Game rules changed for faster and more fun games. *Deleted SeargantCenter *Deleted Tank Depot and the Second Axis Motorpool. Now heavy tanks are with light tanks and guns *Changed pause menu logo. lol.

-Other Changes. *Increased sight for all units and vehicles. We're not too short with the eyes, lol. *Increased Battle distances. We're not at 5 meters shooting one to the other. *Bodies stay forever (a little buggy yet, but im finding out) *Vehicles dont dissapear (the same as the bodies, its buggy, but they both work) *Engineers and Pioneers have Sattle Charges *Ranked infantry has fireup ability and has level 3 veterancy *Sniper has not camouflage anymore *Mortar can shoot more than what he can see. you can attack ground you dont see *Phase 4 for axis is not usefull. You dont have the last tank building *Removed Skins *Vehicles give Heavy Cover

-Icons for every new unit (not in 2.0. Only in 1.5)

-AI Tweaked for using infantry, tanks and abilities

-Around 200 game changes! Ive counted the modified files and this is real!

-Gameplay Hints:

*Select first your Command Doctrine so you can use new abilities and units

CREDITS -Kyranzor for helping and giving tips -Fenwe and Warnstaff for let me use their ADVANCED AI MOD and helping me into AI Tweaks -EZ-Nixon for making ALL the icons -Sooth for new features helping -Halftrack for all skins -And all those who supported me Hope you enjoy it. because its the last version. Im working on another MOD with a Team this time so it will be better. =)

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Download 'commando_21.rar' (5.15MB)

Install Instructions
Just run commando_21.exe
follow instructions.
you should have the icon in the desktop ready to launch.
if its not working the line is
-dev -modname Realism_Mod

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