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Gameplay You start with an officer, the only proposal of this team, is to stay alive, and organize the forces you call. You s...


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Gameplay You start with an officer, the only proposal of this team, is to stay alive, and organize the forces you call. You start with 2 basic forces to call, Combat Engineers (3 big squads, plus 3 supporting halftracks) and a Reccoinnasance platoon (4 non-reinforced Greyhounds plus some jeeps). With these basic forces, you start by taking some strategic points faster than the enemy, and the first encounter will unleash, as soon as the strategic points are common to both enemies. As long as you combat your enemies, capture points, make survive your forces, you'll gain experience, and then Command points. When you have Command points, the game starts. You'll select a Battalion, between Infantry, Armored and Support (or Artillery Battalion). When you select one of these, you'll see a complete Unique tree of platoons for that Battalion, and you can enable those platoons with more Exp. This trees can include from Big infantry platoons, Anti-Tank platoons, Tank platoons, with lotta new units like M4a3(105), and more.

-Historical Realism: Information from Danyel Phelps, an historian professor in WW2, directly from him, this mod will play 2nd Armored Division vs. SS Panzer Divission, with real weaponary, squad numbers, fighting effectiveness, weapon information, and a hole new Tank Battles System (TBS), based on a realistic penetration/deflection way.

-Living Soldiers System (LSS). Redone from Commando 2.6, this new LSS enables your big squads to take positions automatically, take cover, shoot, move, or spread out, without having to go like a family all together, youll enjoy combats like realistic ways, a fire team here and there, but is all a squad.

-New special abilities. As being able to hide the tank commanders, reducing its view range, but protecting him in close ranges

-New Skins and Models. like Panzer III and a 3-inch Anti-Tank, infantry correct insignia, or the commander window art, from great artists like BlackCat13 and Halftrack

-AI Enhanced. to play this mod the way it should

-Secondary Features. Like correct tank formations, cover effects, and much more!

NOTE: Commando is NOT for 1vs1 Games, and neither for small maps, as the game is based on big platoons and specific Doctrines. Its recommended team-playing, big maps and few players.

Credits MAIN Gameplay started by: Revolucion09 Gameplay overall idea: Danyel Phelps History Base and texts: Danyel Phelps Game Balance and Features: Revolucion09 Skins and Arts: BlackCat13

CREDITS fldash (scar kill the officer) halftrack (base axis infantry and vehicle skins) Daza(Beta-Testing and reporting) Paul Cary (Beta-Testing and reporting) Messenger (Beta-Testing and reporting)

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Download 'commando_30_alpha_5_full.exe' (83.63MB)

Installation Instructions

1) Run the installer
2) Make sure you select your Company of Heroes Folder
3) Run the Icon in your desktop and enjoy! (NO -dev lines or such things needed)

If everything is fine, you should see the Commando Loading Screen!
Custom Maps Installation
1) Put the maps in My Games> pathway (as usually)

*Thanks to Paul Cary for this tip
*This change will not be needed in the Final versions of the mod

1) Put the maps in Company of Heroes\Commando\Data\Scenarios\mp
2) Create the folders as they dont exists


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