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GAMEPLAY INFORMATION Starting with an Officer and basic platoons. Then, you choose a doc...


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GAMEPLAY INFORMATION Starting with an Officer and basic platoons. Then, you choose a doctrine (Infantry, Armoured or Support), and through the progress of the Game, you will enable new platoons, sent by the commanders, to win the decisive battles of Europe in 1944/45. Each doctrine enables 6 Platoons, unique from each other. Basic Platoons This is composed by 1)Combat Engineers, which will give capture and basic fighting against infantry. Also, you can upgrade them with Flamethrowers, use Panzerfaust, set Charges, cut wires and set some Defenses. 2)Specialized Combat Engineers, which will be available for Support Doctrine only, this technical combat platoon, are equiped with proper tools to repair vehicles, and set advanced defenses 3)Light Reccoinnasance Platoon, including Light Vehicles and jeeps, to spot enemy and offer resistance against light vehicles and infantry. Infantry Doctrine The most easy and basic doctrine to play with, provides cheap platoons like Veteran Infantry, with heavy upgradable weaponary, Mortars and Machine guns, as well Anti-Tank guns to stop enemy armoured advance. Also, you can prepare ambushes by standing on bushes and standing in cover is very important to not get your men killed. Armoured Doctrine The Steel part of a Battalion, providing danger to every enemy, they can go through everything, so take care. As a player, is very important to control them, because they are expensive, and a bad move can take them to hell. The Armoured Platoon Call is slow, so failing at Armoured moving can make you stay vulnerable to enemy counter-attack Support Doctrine Not very good in 1vs1 game, but in team games, it can make a team win, by providing heavy artillery support, tank repairing, advanced defenses, Tank destroyer platoons or reinforced Anti-Tank guns. NOTE Infantry platoons are mostly composed by 3-4 Squads + 3 Halftracks. The halftracks are limited to 3 Halftracks per player.

Engineers/Pioneers and Recon Patrols/Panzergrenadiers Squads are 10 men Strong

Tank Platoons are 2-3 Vehicles

All platoons are limited to 1 a time

Basic Platoons take 30seconds to come in. Low-Level platoons take 1minute to come. High-Level platoons take 2-3 minutes to come in

GAMEPLAY FEATURES Information Every Call takes between a minute and three minutes to come, the platoons come off-map, and each platoon is composed by between 2 squads to 6 squads, including halftrack support, multiple tanks per call, etc Tactical Abilities This abilities cost Trust (Fuel Icon) 1) Manpower Push: Provides a manpower income during some seconds. Its important when you need fast a specific platoon 2) Munition Push: If your infantry needs bazookas urgently, this is your ability. 3) Emergency Call: You're under siege, and you're still waiting for that platoon to come and save your combat. 4) Spirited Advance: The battlefield is huge, and you need your forces to reach the objective faster. Phase Upgrades If you can avoid using Tactical abilities, you'll be able to gather Trust Resources (Fuel), and this is what you get: 1) Phase 1: Permanent Manpower increased income + Trust Income 2) Phase 2: Permanent Manpower increased income + Trust Income 3) Phase 3: Permanent Manpower increased income + Trust Income Micromanagament Abilities and Upgrades *Bazooka upgrade *Bar upgrade *Flamethrower *Minesweeper *Camouflage to Ambush (only when in light cover, bushes and trees give bonus) *Grenades *Panzerfaust/RifleGrenades *Panzerschreck *MP44 *Light MachineGuns *Satchel Charges *Penetration Ammo (for heavy tanks) *Upgrade to HQ (common building) In-Combat Features *Weaponary precission for balance and realism: SMGs are dangerous in short ranges, Rifles give support fire, Well set suppression, explosions, correct weaponary, specific coding each weapon to each possible enemy.

*Infantry Combats: Soldiers not in cover are high vulnerable to be killed in matter of seconds. Heavy cover and Buildings are the most safe places, Tanks and Halftracks also give Cover.

*Tank Combats: Each tank has correct Gun and Armor thoughness Data. Tank combats work through penetration and deflection, while a deflection is no damage at all, a penetration should destroy the tank, or depending on the gun, damage or critical states.

*Intense Battlefields: The mod is designed for teamplay, this plus the platoon based gameplay, turns the battlefield into Micromanagament specialization, tactics, Resource usage and time managament. Win Condition Rules NOTE: Destroying HQ DOES NOT cause game end. This enables Officers being able to move and set new HQs through upgrades.

*Commando Victory Points: Win by capturing and maintaining all VPs OR by killing enemy officer

*Commando Annihilation: Win by killing the enemy officer

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Download 'commando_31_proper_final.exe' (66.19MB)


1.) Remove Commando Folder from CoH Main folder before installing
2) Run the Installer
3) It will automatically point your CoH Folder. If it Does not, please redirect to correct one
4) When installation finished, simply run the Icon in the Desktop

NOTE: No -devs -modname needed!

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