Company of Heroes: Afrika Korps

description:This mod is based on the war in North Africa at the beginning of the war, with which the modern units like the King Tiger...


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This mod is based on the war in North Africa at the beginning of the war, with which the modern units like the King Tiger, jagdpanther, hetzer, Panthers, V1, stukas, Pershing are eliminated, calliopes, and firefly single appears in the commands of armored (30 corps and 7 Patton's army)the USA:-1st Rangers Division.the Rangers are the main unit of this army, count on support assault engineers who can repair destroyed vehicles (style to bergetiger), the ability of outer reinforcements is replaced by the ability of Ranger incursion in which you receive as reinforcement 4 Opel trucks full Germans of Rangers and the improvement of defensive operations allows the infantry to make trenches.-82nd Airborne divisionthe parachutists of the 82 jumped on Sicily in the operation husky and made their practices of jump in the desert of Africa at the end of the campaign, counts on parachutists, gliders and the classic air support. Its tank stars is the Sherman Jumbo, a standard tank with a heavier shield to support the 88 that him makes slower.-7th Patton's armythe company specialized in armored has the basic tanks (M10, crocodile and Sherman), has the support of the M7 Priest and M21 mortar halftracks, the improvement of repairs of field allows the engineers to sobrerepair vehicles, instead of calliope exists an improvement to be able to make the Firefly in I deposit of tanks and instead of the Pershing you can ask for the Patton's Firefly , firefly with more reach and a dawn of leadership that benefits the near vehicles.BRITISH:-7th Armor divisionOne of the most famous divisions in Africa, has the abilities extra of the artillery, the Priest and a bombing on great scale of Halifax Bombers, if you are tired to see take a walk to the British infantry when they do not take a Lieutenant, this division solves it, the sappers can construct the quarter and the center of support armament where to create the motorized infantry (squads that walks fast although does not have lieutenant and that can use grenades and pumps lapa), Machine guns Vickers 303. , mortars of 3 ", snipers and radio teams.-Long range desert groupthe commandos began to appear in the desert when first Panzer IV left to scene, being very superior to the British tanks, the sabotage tactics facilitated the things. First calls LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) and later SAS (special Air service), are equipped with parachutists, gliders, detectors and a Jeeps improved much more effective.-30th Armored corps:Specialists in fortifications, little change in this company, unless he is only the able one to produce Fireflys.AFRIKA KORPS:-5th Light Panzer DivisionRommel was sent to North Africa to the SINGLE control of is division to help the Italians to defend itself of the British, so everything based on defense, trenches, AA flak 38, Flak 36 88mm, Bunkers fortified Note that was an improvised reinforcement, since their soldiers badly were equipped for the desert, and its vehicles lacked camouflage (they conserve the gray painting used in Europe), its tank commonest is Panzer IV F and is the doctrine with but problems to produce Panzer IV F2. They use the howitzer leFH 18 of 105 mm.-15th Panzer Divisionthe longed for reinforcements of Rommel to begin in the affluent counterattack, equipped troops, with appropriate uniforms and tanks the quite good thing to face the allies. In the "operation Tiger", Tiger I practically crushed to the British tanks without they managed to approach remote of shot. Its artillery is the Sdkfz 124 Wespe of 105 mm.-10th Armor division PanzerCount with the most novel devices, like the Nebelwerfer of 150 mm, the war of propaganda, tanks Stug IV, the Panzer IV F and Panzer IV F2 and a Rommel's toy: The Tiger Ace, has more reach than a Tiger, and abilities that make it lethal (to locate weapon, smoke, shock of tank and fast fire main). Instead of the V1 it requests to the Luftwaffe a heavy bombing of FW190 D.PANZER ELITE :-334th artillery regimentConserve almost all the scroched Earth abilities, and adds an improvement that allows to construct mortar bunkers, also have Panzer IV F2, I do not put more things thus to him because is very dangerous.-LuftwaffeLike before, it has AA flak 38, Flak 36 88mm.Changes: Wirbelwind makes in kommand of support, the infantry of the Luftwaffe, can make trenches and traps antitank, the Fallschirmjgers airdrops and has air recon, strafing runs and patrol bombing.-501 Tiger SectionEverything to destroy tanks, changes hetzer by Stug IV and the Jagdpanther by 2 Tiger Ace, better than a Tiger but not as good as the Rommel's Tiger Ace.I don't have maps, but I have found some in format SGA and I have added them to avoid the annoyance to look for them.


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