Conde Sur Noireau

HunterTwo's permission, I have made a number of balance and pacing modifications to the map such as:1. 2 out of 5 vehicle bridges are wrecke...


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This is a 2v2 map representing a small town between Caen and Falaise called Conde-Sur-Noireau. It contains numerous bridges, as well as both urban and rural combat. As a result, players will have to vary their strategies as they advance through the map, as tanks will be near-useless in battles for the town but will come into their own on the other side of the river. Likewise, the opposite will be true for infantry. Staff Impressions This is a nicely done map indeed. While not quite symmetrical, it's close enough to keep the game balanced and fair for all four players. It's also accessible to all types of players, from turtlers to rushers. Variable terrains, and the imperative to pass through them, mean that a player must vary his strategy from place to place if he hopes to advance across the map and win. Graphically, it's very well-done as well, with excellent detail and little visible texture repetition. Well-placed variations and splines mean that, although the grass texture is the same across the map, it doesn't appear to repeat quite as visibly as it would otherwise. The town is nicely done, with parked cars, street signs and lamps, and all the accoutrements that go with civilization. Summary Very well-done indeed, and especially for a first map. Keep it up! P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?    

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