D-Day Coop

In this map you play as Axis and defend against the invading Allied forces. The main objective is to keep at least one of the three officers...


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In this map you play as Axis and defend against the invading Allied forces. The main objective is to keep at least one of the three officers alive until the 17th SS Panzer Division arrives. Each player will have their own officer to control and players have to decide what's the safest place to be at different times. Base is not always the safest place if it gets pounded by heavy artillery and open fields have snipers and other squads running after the officers. The officers are stronger than normally so they can take heavy damage but if you are lucky enough your officer dies on a direct artillery hit at the beginning of the mission or gets crushed by a tank near the end.

The Allied forces will always be controlled by heavily scripted AI so you can only play as Axis (with friends/AI). During the mission you will also get several objectives to complete like escort, kill or defend someone/something. The thing in this map is that it is supposed to be very hard to complete, each minute the Allied forces will get stronger and start using better units and tactics against you so eventually you will be nearly destroyed.

At the end a team score will be calculated using stats like: time survived, units killed, units lost, missions completed. The AI has only one difficulty level so the score can be equally compared with other players.

Some changes in this version include:

  • 3 new objectives
  • Popcap slightly increased
  • No tank traps
  • Captain Schultz is a bit stronger now
  • Fixed officer hiding exploit
  • Some more info for objectives like where to go what to do
  • Online play might be a bit harder than before cause of the new objectives and some other stuff

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'ddaycoop.exe' (0B)

D-DAY Coop for 3 Players max. vs. heavily scripted allied ai forces.

You probably need to play the map several times to learn the best defensive tactics against
the AI and try to get better team score. Even if you are not good against the normal skirmish
AI you should be able to enjoy the map.

Skirmish friendly mode:

When playing alone offline you have double popcap, more reinforcements,
more starting troops and a bit more time to prepare at start before real attacks start.
Very good players can finish this map alone

Playing the map

- Play annihilate with fixed locations
- Fill slots 1, 2 and 3 with any CPU
- Fill slots 4, 5 and 6 with players or CPU

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