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After a somewhat lengthy sabbatical, $ TEXAS $ has submitted his newest work of art to quench your thirst for quality Company of Heroes[/...


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After a somewhat lengthy sabbatical, $ TEXAS $ has submitted his newest work of art to quench your thirst for quality Company of Heroes gaming fun! He is here to supply you with not one...but two maps in a single download! Both of these 4vs4 maps have the same theme, (infact, one is a coded version of the other) but come packing different punches; You will receive 'Desert Airfield' and 'Desert Day', both will have you pitting your uber skilz against those that will try to oust you from the server.

  • Desert Airfield:
    • This map takes place in the dry sands of north Africa's desert. The Americans, fresh to the war finally meat the enemy at their airfield in north africa. With the Help of their experienced british allies they go up against the might the the Axis army and their general Erwin Rommel. The Key points to the map are the Airfield in the South and the small desert town in the centered. each side starts with 2 players at the ends of the airfield and 2 more up on the hills nearby.
  • Desert Day:
    • This map is the exact same map as Desert Airfield, with one BIG difference, it is coded. Desert Day tries to take you through a day in the desert, with coded effects and events the map will go through a full day taking 1 hour in real time, starting at early dawn. There are may things happening in the map a few to note are random arty, bonuses, and sun attritions (were unesscorted (by vehicles) infantry will take damage in the dues). A small guide has been provided to show you all the code, but I would suggest just trying the map first.

Refer to the readme for addional information.

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Download '' (18.99MB)

	Desert Airfield
	  Desert Day
	  (4 vs. 4)

	by: "$ TEXAS $" 


	-Unzip all the files in "" to:

	"C:Documents and SettingsHP_AdministratorMy DocumentsMy GamesCompany of HeroesWW2Scenarios"


	"C:Documents and SettingsHP_AdministratorMy DocumentsMy GamesCompany of HeroesMaps" (if you have the .sga Launcher)
	**You can get the .sga launcher from this thread:

	Note: "HP-Administrator" may go by a different name on your computer

	This is a .sga file and does NOT require the "-dev" in the Company of Heroes shortcut
	if you already have the "-dev" it's not a problem.

Feel free to use this map in any way you want just give me credit for my work!

if you have any problems you can contact me at


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