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click here to contact the site manager![/b]As announced before, the Eastern Front modification for Company of Heroes has finally arrived on the site. Blame my low internet connection for the slight delay in posting it up, let me tell you though that it was absolutely worth the waiting time.The mod adds the Soviets as a new playable faction to your Company of Heroes game. When I say new I mean new, you get new skins, models, command trees, and pretty much everything you can expect for the Russians.Additionally, the modification raises the AI to new levels, making gameplay a lot more fun even for the hardcore "I beat this game on highest level with ease" gamers. A lot of closed beta testing has been performed on this so it is quite certain you are getting a stable release to start playing with. For future updates the installer includes an automatic updater much like the original one present in Company of Heroes.Now what are you waiting for, it is time to fight for Mother Russia!~PilleRecommended download: Launcher Patch

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Download 'ef_setup_ff.exe' (626.51MB)

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