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fldash has returned with the newest release of the popular Company of Heroes modification: Europe in Ruins! This download is a multiplayer...


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fldash has returned with the newest release of the popular Company of Heroes modification: Europe in Ruins! This download is a multiplayer modification for Company of Heroes that attempts to convert the games into a MMO-RTS with applied persistency and an online war.

Europe in Ruins requires a backend website to track and manage the persistent war and players' companies and as such you can't play the modification without logging onto the website and going through some steps to get your profile setup and ready to go. In addition, as may be expected, it's an online multiplayer modification also.

Setting up your profile involves signing up for either Axis or Allies and choosing your doctrine (3 per side) and then selecting your initial abilities in the doctrine. Once you do that, 3 companies are assigned to you and these are the companies you will use to play your battles. The companies however, aren't pre-made, you are simply given resources to purchase the units and upgrades you want. Once that's done, you assign them into platoons which defined how you want to call them into battle. For example, one platoon could be a tank and some engineers to repair it.

Battles are setup in an attacker/defender scenario. The defender gets a certain amount of time to setup defenses before the attackers are allowed to deploy. They can use this time to setup a plan of action using the provided TeamSpeak channels and to place mines, tank traps and to build bunkers, sandbags, and wire.

  • [b]The Objectives
    • At the start of every game, the defenders have a setup time while the attackers will generally have to wait until their forces are deployed.
    • In the VP mode, the objective is to hold more sectors than your opponent, doing so will decrease his tickets (shown at the top of the screen). Whoever manages to decrease the opponent's tickets to 0 wins.
    • Sectors are captured by simply moving into an unoccupied sector. The more units you have in a sector, the faster it will turn. Certain units can't capture sectors.

If you encounter any issues, the dev team would like you to visit their forums for a quick resolution.

Refer to the readme for the changelog.

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Download '' (1.94MB)

Europe In Ruins Modification - ALPHA!
fldash -


* This is a MULTIPLAYER MOD only!  You must first create a war control panel account on 
  our website and setup your company/battalion.

* To install run EIR_Setup.exe.  It should automaticaly select your Company of Heroes
  directory, however if it doesn't, please choose it.

* EIR Launcher should be used in most cases to start a game.

* If the EIR_Launcher fails to work, you'll have to start the mod using the start menu
  shortcut in the Europe In Ruins start menu folder.

* Our default channel for organizing 'default' battle games is 'Dieppe' on Relic Online.

* Teamspeak information available at our site:

* If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on our forums.


* New .DLL for reporting.

* Fixed objective issue when you are about to win/lose by pushing the opponent off the map.
* Adjusted battle report to keep players from missing out on their resources at midnight.
* Removed some debug messages.
* Modified reinforcement timer slightly to adjust for the Axis/Allies infantry pop differences.

* Hotfix for SCAR error.

* Infantry gain veterancy 20% slower.
* Defenders VP amount decreased slightly.
* Reinforcement timer modified to show 'potential reinforcement time'.
* Territory requirement for VP mode.  Must hold 10% of territory to stay in the battle.
* Added artillery through-out defensive setup time for defenders too close to attacker entry points.
* Various balance and doctrine changes.

* Increased VPs slightly
* Made defensive 'do not enter zone' near attackers entry points larger and artillery for being too close more accurate.
* Various balance changes.

* +6 Pop for Allies.
* Seriously, Inspired Assault is no longer free.

* Lowered vPs a little.
* No longer charged for repairing vehicles after a battle.

* New reinforcement timer system.
* 30% reduced capture time for territory.
* Various balance changes.

* Reporting even more statistics.

* Includes sending stats back to our server (kills/losses)
* Changes rules to lower priority in attempt to stop sync errors.

* Fixed bug in normal Europe In Ruins victory condition that was causing negative or extremely high pop-cap values.
* Fixed bug when a player wins by annihilation that tells them they lost.
* Triage Center now buildable.
* Added some error checking to building scripts that should help avoid SCAR errors.

* Fixed bug that wasn't allowing stats to be sent to the server.

* Added match reporting to website.  We'll be reviewing results to make sure they are matching on each battle.
* Re-enabled EIR_Launcher.

* Fixed Allied/Axis unlimited buildings bug.

* VP Mode fixed.
* Fixed problem where you couldn't call in additional reinforcements when you already had some pending arrival.
* Lowered reinforcements timers significantly.
* Fixed issue with Airborne where they couldn't call in additional population.

* All new doctrine abilities for v1.7.  16 potential abilities per doctrine.
* New game modes, IPMP (Europe In Ruins) is based on gaining pop-cap by holding territories. Europe In Ruins VP uses a familiar VP type game-style with the old pop-cap increase method.
* All veterancy bonuses halfed to prevent super-elite units.
* Optimized over 500 lines of code to make it faster and less prone to SCAR errors.
* Other 'bonus' features.

* Fixed installer. Puts correct directory in 'Start In' path for it's shortcuts.
* Doctrine abilities work. (I think...)
* Territory manager revamped again, does it work?
* Optimized some code for when a player is killed.

* EIR Launcher is much more improved.
* vCOH 1.6 Changes
* Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives (FOR SURE THIS TIME!)
* Reinforcing re-enabled, it's much more expensive and takes more time.
* Fixed the way territory is captured. Report issues please.  There were some problems in testing but I could never reproduce them consistently.

* Doctrine abilities only available once your company arrives with exceptions (Raid)
* Various cost/pop-cap changes.
* Fixed fatal SCAR error.
* Fixed Stuka upgrade doctrine ability.
* Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55.  It increases by 1 every 1.25 minutes.

* Pop Cap starts at 30 increases to 55.  It increases by 5 every 5 minutes.  (Testing)
* Vehicles and cloakable units no longer turn territory.
* When setting up defense, if you get to close to an attackers spawn you get a warning.  If you continue closer, the offending units are warped back to your offmap position.
* Health on building decreased by 1/2.
* Reinforcing removed.
* Various cost/pop-cap changes.
* Doctrines added.  One is broken (Stuka upgrade one, it's free for now)...

Details coming soon...

Added: Officer Supervise State
Changed: Repair Rate Lowered
Changed: Various Unit Costs/Pop Caps
Changed: Minimum Platoon Cap 8, Max 40
Changed: Readjusted Mortar/HMG health Values
Fixed: Various Bugs
Fixed: Sync error, woops.

Fixed: Swapped upgrades (Stuka/Flammenwafer, M8 Armour/MG)
Fixed: Riflemen can now retreat offmap.
Changed: Max pop cap on the field lowered to 40.
Changed: Various cost/pop changes to squads.
Changed: Officer now comes with artillery and route enemy by default.
Changed: All buildable buildings health increased by 300%.
Changed: Health of mortars and HMG's significantly reduced (affects weapons, not crews)
Added: Officer can supervise stationary troops (mortar, hmg, nebel) and grant them a 20% increase in accuracy.
Added: Axis tank upgrades, MG42 and Armour Skirts for Panther, PzIV, Stug, and Stuh.
Added: 1 second delay between calling in platoons.

Fixed: Rangers not spawning with bazookas.

Fixed: Platoon groups 5 as Allies now usable, Platoon groups 4, 5, and 6 now usable as Axis.
Fixed: Population is correctly computed when calling in reinforcements.
Fixed: 88 needing resources.


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