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Heres a modification that will change your Company of Heroes gaming experience by having every tank buildable...however, thats not a...


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Heres a modification that will change your Company of Heroes gaming experience by having every tank buildable...however, thats not all, Mental Mike has also made a modification to the enemy, they can also build your tanks....and lots of them. In short, for those of you that thrive on big-time Armor-Action, and want a mod thaat lets you and your opponant create huge armies of heavy or light tanks, aswell as many infantry squads, then you are going to want Every Tank Buildable!

This mod comes with two files (The names have no meaning, apparently, it's just a way to identify them):

  • Super_Tank
    • Changes the tank depots for both the Allies and the Axis, so you can build any tank, and as many as you can within the pop cap for the map and resources you have.
  • Super_ Tank_Allies
    • Will increase the Pop cap of COH skirmish maps to a max of 600, and has increased the resources given out by each point, weather fuel, strategic or munitions. So you can have an army of 50 tanks, or 500 infantryyou chose your method of eliminating your enemy.

If you want a blood bath with large armies of armor, or if you are looking for a break from the Infantry only style, then your search is over; Good luck and Happy Gaming!

Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information and instructions.

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Download 'every_unit_war.rar' (1.83MB)

HIGH POP CAP, HIGH RESOURCE INCOME and A HELL OF A LOT OF WAREFARE!!	This mod lets you and the enemy create huge armies of tanks, heavy or light aswell as many infantry squads.

Thank you for downloading my mod. The Super Tank mod is where the allies and axis Tank Depots can create every tank in the game. (That includes the heavy Pershing and Tiger tanks, as well as the support allied tank; the calliope)
This mod does not get rid off the standard tanks like the Sherman. It fills the empty icons, meaning you can have 6 extra tanks which means you can have up to 9 tanks in total, as well as have the upgrades.  

There are two mods here, one which is the standard game rules but with the access to all tanks. And the other mod is with changed POP CAPS and RESOURCES. 

Access tanks only = Super_Tank
Access tanks and pop and resources = Super_ Tank_Allies    ( the name means nothing, Axis and Allies get both benefits)

Please read this installation and parentesise guide carefully. It explains everything you need to do before launching this mod.

INSTALLATION. (This mod works for Company of Heroes, patch version 1.71 ) 
(This is for the normal game mod with access to all tanks only. Apply the same steps for the other mod, the only difference is a longer name. Simple.) 
Once the Super_Tank.RAR mod has successfully downloaded, ( save this to a folder where you can house all your downloads, and is easily accessible) 
Double click on the file, and open it with WinRar .This installation guide covers WinRar only. 
Highlight all the folders (including, the Super_Tank.module file and this ReadMe.txt file) and right click and select export to 'C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes' ( without quotation marks('))
For people who use a custom directory (e.g. E:\All Users\Program Files\THQ\Company Of Heroes) just find the C.O.H main file and dump this mod in there. 

Once the transfer has completed, your game should recognise this mod IF, you launch your game in -DEV mod, but like most PC's you have to specifically tell it what to do.
In this case we are going to have to tell it what file, and what mod to run from. 

First of all, lets separate the main standard game from the mod games, Otherwise you may not be able to play the old game again without a reinstall, which with all the patches, is a BIG pain. 
( Always keep patches from all games in a separate folder, so in case of a game screw up and a reinstall, you don’t have to waste hours downloading them again)
Go to the 'C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes' directory, and right click on the Relic.exe file, then select 'Create Shortcut'. 
This will create another Relic.exe at the bottom of the directory, however it will be names, 'Shortcut to Relic.exe.

Click on it ONCE, and hold (clicking on it twice will load the game and that will waste time) and drag it to your desktop ( the background when you exit all open windows) 
Now, Right click on the newly made shortcut and select Properties, Then in the Target field, type ' -dev -modname Super_Tank' ( without the quotation marks (')) INCLUDE ONE SPACE BEFORE EACH HYTHON
Your entire Target path should look like this ("C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -modname Super_Tank) (Do not include the brackets. You can copy that parenthesise, if you have the same directory location)

Click apply and the bottom of the Properties window, and the target field should highlight blue. If that happens the target path has been accepted. The mod should now run.
Now run the game, and start a skirmish, preferably Seine River Valley since it is easy to defend and trap the axis, and build a tank depot, you should see all the slots taken up by tanks. 

Oh also, ENJOY!!!

Kind regards, Mike.

Any problems please send an email to Mike_twangs@hotmail.co.uk,( mike UNDERSCORE twangs AT hotmail DOT uk DOT com) I will try and reply as soon as possible, depending on time. 
By all means, if there is a problem please notify me. I am interested in how this mod will cope with other people's computers. 

Please provide Feedback if you can, this will help improve the service to the public and yourself in future. Please do not send rude,insulting or spam emails, they serve no purpose noone.

Try not to run any other mod with this, and try not to run the Trainer programs due to (during testing of the older version of this mod, the game kept crashing when trying to create the Pershing heavy tank) 
Although I have completely redid the mod, (without the trainer this time) i suggest not to take the risk, unless willing to reinstall COH.

The Axis Stug IV will not appear in the axis tank depot, because it can be created in the morotpool. 

All the Support calls still work, they have not been tampered with. Nothing should change apart from the buy menu in the tank depots. 

There are no pictures to accompany this Mod, since the changes are really ovbious.

Remember any questions, requests or problems, do send me and email.

Some PC's may struggle running this mod on a large map due to the amount of units that can be created in one game. Please be aware that if your game crashes, it is not my responsibility and i therefore will not take any blame nor charges. 
Watch your computers performace, and adjust it accordingly. Unless you are an owner of a really powerful PC, try not to run any of the settings on ultra,and try to run them on medium.

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