Final War : Bloody War

Here is the newest version of Final War, now named - Final war: Bloody War which now offers numerous changes, and adds new features! Please...


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Here is the newest version of Final War, now named - Final war: Bloody War which now offers numerous changes, and adds new features! Please read this following change log to get a full understanding of what this mod does.

Here is a list of changes within the mod:

Special Modification :

-Deceased bodies now stay. -Heavy special attack innovation : AMERICANS: - 3 P47 BOMBER Plane apply in one strike (Now they bring some thing bigger) - Howitzer shooting now become wild, fast explosion,long duration and wide radius BRITISH : - Don't under estimate the 25 Artillery barrage from now on they become Air Burst Attack WEHRMACHT : - Axis terror bombardment more fierce - Rocket Barrage 280 mm become Rocket Rain (150 rockets apply with fast falling make your enemy no place to hide) PANZER ELITE : - 2 Henschel aircraft apply and now got some thing to destroy Pershing and Churchil Tank in one shoot - Sector artillery become sector V1 and they will not hesitate to eliminate one infantry with their V1 -All Structure more stronger, especially HQ -Boost Resource

Minor Modifications:

AMERICANS - Acquire M26 Pershing reinforcement automatically - Rifleman Auto upgrade bazooka - Rifleman Upgrade Thomson SMG - Rifleman Repair vehicle Abillity - Rangers have Follow tank abillity - Sherman Remove Crab upgrade and change with buldozer upgrade - Build Jeep single 2 units WEHRMACHT - Acquire King Tiger reinforcement automatically - Pioner single 5 units - Volksgrenadiers Auto upgrade panzerschreck - Build Stug single 3 units - Motorcycle single 2 units - Halftrack single 2 units - Opel Blitz single 2 units COMMONWEALTH - Acquire Churchil Tank reinforcement automatically - Remove Upgrade Recon Element change with PIAT - Lieutenant Upgrade PIAT - Stuart Light Tank (Single 2 units) - Captain Upgrade PIAT - Build Cromwell Tank single 2 units - Build Sherman Firefly single 2 units - Commandos troop Upgrade PIAT - Build Tetrarch Single 3 units PANZER ELITE - Acquire Jadgpanther reinforcement automatically - Panzer Grenadiers Single 5 units - Upgrade 2 Panzerschreck - Build Scout Car single 2 units - Vampire halftrack single 2 units - Build Tankbuster single 8 units - Build Armoured Car single 2 units - Build Light AT Halftrack Single 2 units - Build Panzer IV Single 3 units

FX Performance Modification:

- Hit impact fx for Pershing,King Tiger,Jadgpanther, & Churchil Tank more explosive to representative their strength - Hit impact fx All infantry anti tank (bazooka,panzerschreck,paratrooper anti tank) now will explode Tip : -Build your structure as many as you can to increase speed of your units production and defending from enemy special attack.

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Download 'final_warbloody_war.rar' (3.84MB)


1. extract the files in Company of Heroes Main Folder
2. right click the CoH:OF Shortcut and and choose Properties
3. Within the menu the top most entry box is called "Target" and will have 
the program path inside it to your RelicCOH.exe
In that blank you must add to the end ONE SPACE, and paste in the following:

-dev -modname Final_WarBloody_War

or you may  copy/paste text below (default drive):

"C:Program FilesTHQCOH Opposing FrontRelicCOH.exe" -dev -modname Final_WarBloody_War

4. click ok, enjoy

Known Issue
- Sometime Voice missing in the middle of the game 
(I cant solve it, please let me know how to solve it)

Please Ask me before you use for another modification
email me at [email protected]

Deeply Thanks to : 
- Corsix Tools
- Relic News Forum

Thank You for playing using my Mod

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