[Fixed] mp_Mappack



denki_groove enjoyed these maps so much, that he has put a bit of work into them and submitted it here as a mappack for your Company of Heroes gaming enjoyment! The two maps included in the rar may look familliar, and that would be because they were originally developed by Cam51.

The files included are:

  • The Black Forest
    • Cam51's latest creation comes to us in the form of an 8 player map set along the Main river, in the hills of Germany. There is the potential for some serious engagements.
  • The Rhine
    • This is a eight player map for Company Of Heroes. The overall plan for this map was to allow players to experience different scenic views on their way to the enemy’s base.

The reason for the re-make of these two maps is that they were originally created in .sgb format, and that they don't work with the CoHLauncher; to solve this problem, denki_groove has converted these to .sga format and invites you to enjoy these maps against members of the CoH community! To play these maps in their original forms, click them: The Black Forest & The Rhine.

Refer to the readme for more information.



this are the best maps ever... map maker is cam51 and he make the maps in .sgb format... when you will play this maps with louncher it dosnt work so i convertet it to sga... because i love these maps and i wantet to play these maps online against other people... now you can play the black forest and the rhine online with cohlauncher

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