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NOTE- THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL COHFILES REVIEW! To avoid any possible "conflicts of interest", this review has been taken from GameReplays.org. You can find the original review here. (Includes pictures)

He Fei (1v1)

Total Territories

3 Victory Points 16 Territories

Territory Types

2 +5 Munitions 2 +10 Munitions 3 +16 Munitions 2 +10 Fuel 2 +16 Fuel

Munitions Total: 78 Fuel Total: 52

Resource Notes: Very good totals, the munitions makes for the great game


The technicality of the map is great, but with some noticeable problems. There are drawn out zones, not mini map flaws, and a massive OOB (partly thanks to the TONS of trees). Also I love how you put a warning for the 2v2 infantry only map. The problems are that there is a loading picture, but not a save or record picture and the lines on the tactical map are terribly drawn.

Overall: 7/10


There are no problems with the balance resource wise, but the biggest mistake Map Maker can make was on this map…block able areas, but this is very bad for allied players (if in fixed positions). You just go down and block off (or blow up) the briges in one postition, where as in the other postition you can not

Overall: 5/10


This map is beautiful and monumentally micromanaged, very unique overall. The best feature is the resource points go along with the area it’s in. The only problem I have with the map is that it looks a tad bit patchy.

Overall: 9/10

Fun Factor:

This map is modestly fun, I love fighting for the different islands and all the cover is very nice. One major problem is the ability to block off the map, once you block of one player…..the games over.

Overall: 7/10


Total Score: (7+5+9+7) 28/40 Overall Score: 7

Reviewer Notes: This map very micromanaged, very beautiful, and some what fun…and overall very unique map, but the ability to block off your opponent really turns me off.

Reviewer Name: Vodac120

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Download 'he_fei_final.zip' (24.38MB)

-DEV Version:
Unzip the folders "2p He Fei" & "4p He Fei" to "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company Of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\mp". If you installed to a different folder, then direct it toward that folder (Change everything before "...\WW2\Data\Scenarios\mp"). If you don't have a "...Scenarios/mp" folder, simply create it. Then, on your desktop (Or in the Start Menu, however you access Company of Heroes), right-click on the Company of Heroes icon, then click on Properties in the menu. Click the Shortcut tab at the top of the window that pops up (It may already be selected). Within the "Target" line, a box should say something like "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company Of Heroes\RelicCoH.exe". AFTER the last quotation mark, put " -dev" (Make sure there's a space between the quote mark and the "-").

This version works best for those who are using user-made mods (KMOD, Battletest, Halftrack's skins, A.I. mods, etc), since it'll show up regardless of how your CoH installation is modified. However, you must also alter your CoH startup to include -dev, which disallows online play with non -dev users.

SGA Version:
Unzip the files "2p_He_Fei.sga" & "4p_He_Fei.sga" to "C:\Documents and Settings"User"\My Documents\My Games\Company Of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios", replacing "User" with your XP user account name (The user name you use to sign on to XP with). (You do NOT need to add "-dev" to your Company of Heroes icon; it works regardless)

While it doesn't include the map preview & loading screens (Relic needs to fix SGAs for this), SGAs do allow one to play online with other non -dev users, making it a bit more useful in that regard. However, it's unlikely that, unless you've scheduled a match with someone ahead of time, you'll probably not be able to find someone playing another user-made map.

This is my first map, but I've worked hard to make it as detailed & fun as possible (And as my attention span would allow :P ). The map is named after a level in another game which I drew some inspiration from, although at this point, it has very little resemblance to the level it was based off of in the first place, but points to anyone who can figure out where I got the idea from anyway :).

The 2 player version is your standard fight with all the stuff enabled. Controlling the fuel corners will be of high priority, but the heavy ammo in the center should be quite useful in unit upgrades, 'specially for the Axis player. However, the 4 player version is an infantry-only version, where vehicles & command trees are disabled for all players. Instead, everyone is automatically given heavy infantry (Rangers/Stormtroopers), anti-infantry support (Strafing Run/Firestorm), and anti-building artillery (Off-map Howitzer/280mm Rockets). This way, it avoids any unfair advantages given by allowing individual doctrines (Certain doctrines are better vs. infantry or armor), and keeps players from having any chance of getting vehicles in a round-about manner (Going blitz for StuHs & Tigers or Armor for Calliopes & Pershings). For those who are curious as to how the vehicles are disabled, look in the folder of the 4p version, and you'll find "4p_He_Fei.scar". SCAR files are Company of Heroes' version of scripting, and it is how I actually made it so the map disallows infantry.

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