Hurtgen Forest



Hurtgen Forest is a six player map that is loosely based around the area surrounding the battle of Hurten Forest - or Hurtgenwald. Using artistic license, the author placed the forest between the Roer river and Aachen in-game. This is also the author's first map, so please congratulate him into the mappers club!

This map feature's three main areas where battles take place in: the Roer river, the forest between the river and the town of Aachen, and of course the town it self. Due to this design, there are various choke points; however, they aren't on bridges as some maps would do. This map features, a high fuel point in the middle making it very strategic, has about 67 munitions, 50 fuel, and a lot of man power points. Using fixed positions are a plus, especially in the middle of the forest as you can hold on to the high fuel point, and use fixed artillery batteries (such as Brits!) to pound the enemy forces...however, you can also take advantage of the fixed starting positions, not necessarily just the static positions on the map.

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This map is based VERY loosely on the general concept of the real battle.

This is my first map, and I worked hard to make it a fun one.  It was intended as a comp stomp map, so I made sure there were three main areas all with some very obvious choke points.  At the same time I made hedgerows so that the map would become a little more open as the game progressed.  It should work fine of course for 6 humans as well.

If you would like to use my map for a mod or to make changes to it, feel free, but please give me credit for it's creation!

Instructions for use:

Unzip the .sga file to your "Maps" folder in your company of heroes folder.  It is intended for use with Mannerheim's CoHLauncher.

The map was created with the idea of fixed starting positions in mind, but random works just fine too!

Special thanks to Bob for helping me test this map over and over!


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