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KMOD is a mod that has been designed (using feedback from the community, any my own initiative) to create huge battles in mind, and to make...


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KMOD is a mod that has been designed (using feedback from the community, any my own initiative) to create huge battles in mind, and to make Company of Heroes a broader and more enjoyable experience. Both realism and fun factors have been included in this mod, and is great for multiplayer games, however still makes the compaign more interesting (harder). KMOD effectively increases the strategy involved with playing COH, new units and squads like Anti-armour and recon squads as well as Half rifle and smaller fireteams add to the small scale - yet larger scale combat. Large main-line squads and no population cap lendsto the huge battles that the late-game can experience.

WARNING: please backup you relicCOH.English.usc before installing this mod, you can find it in THQCompany of HeroesEngineLocaleEnglish

INSTALLATION: to install this, just unzip the .zip file all into your main COH folder. Make sure you back your english.usc text file for later use, then make a shortcut to your relicCOH.exe and in the target line add:

"blah blahrelicCOH.exe" -modname KMOD -dev

or use the one provided


v1.3.06 final beta *fixed mortars: * make the rate of fire another 6 seconds * lower range by 100m (-1/3) * increase scatter range by another 10m * fix german "barrage" ability's range (it was default, not extended like the allied one) * lower the area of effect by 1-2m * lower damge by 10 * lower armour penetration. keep in mind that mortars really could damage tanks. impact on the top armour did SOME minor damage, and im sure repeating impacts could destroy/disable even a tiger.

note: unless stated, these changes affect both allied and german mortars.

*rotateable buildings *fixed 280mm rockets *6 new maps *fixed perma-wounded men for allies, the wounded stay for 8 mins. didnt have time for axis men yet. *Vehicles act as shot blockers, protecting anything behind them tanks, trucks, and halftracks. not jeep/motorcyle or Flak/At guns *AI improvements by Warnstaff and Fenwe (only partially, some of thier mod is not easily compatable. i will fix the rest later) *population up to 450 (500 max)

v1.3.051 beta *volks/grens mp40 upgrade cost 25 ammo less *people dont stand with their arms out when they die while holding an abnormal gun that wasnt originally used by that model. *concrete walls for the axis *icon for the concrete wall *Feldgrau skins for volksgrenadiers *Feldgun (green) skins for the Grenadiers *Feldgrau skin with camo helmet for Pioneers *pioneers + engineers have standard rifles (K98 and M1 garand)

v1.3.03 beta *grenades are free *german 280mm rocket barrage now costs 300ammo and 2.5min recharge. it is, of course, reasonably priced for the hideous onslaught that it creates. *Allied tanks now slightly cheaper in manpower and fuel. *increased price of Vickers team for allies *fixed Sticky bombs covereing the build icon for engineers (occured in beta, no prob in 1.29) *US command platoon's howitzer barrage is 500 ammo and 5 min recharge time. starts with an initial recharge time. which means you need to wait 5 min before the squad can use it. *jeeps and motorcycles now in squads of 3. this leads up to me making them garrisonable for motorized squads. *removed that random grenadier dude that tags along for the ride with the german halftrack lol.. anyone notice him? *reduced cost of allied off map howitzer from 200, back to 150 ammo. increased recharge time even more. *on-map howitzers cost 20 ammo to shoot barrage. *nebelwerfer range at 280m now *sticky bombs reduced to 25 ammo *satchel charge 50 ammo *fixed range of allied mortar barrage attack. up to 275m now. *new icons for 80% of Allied soldiers. some are funny, some are just cool! *decreased cost of paradrop airborne ability to 200 man power, with recharge time of 50 seconds. *fixed price of Half assault team, so they are more affordable now. *beefed up the Elite K98 rifle used by the sturmgrenadiere men. more accurate now (reflecting skill of the actual soldiers) *fixed range of the MG bike, it was default 35m for some reason. bit more damage too. look out, they are really annoying now lol.. unless you make them eat rockets >_< *balanced the Lee-enfield rifle to be 99% clone of the K98 Mauser rifle. *Increased HP of some US men, such as rangers, the combat medic, radio man, and the Officer. *small decrease in Panzer and Stug manpower cost (like 50mp ) *lowered the damage of the 280mm rockets by 30 *lowered scatter range of 280mm rockets by 8m radius *new skins *concrete wall


*increased range of all tank guns to 350m with balance of lowered penetration and accuracy values *sniper for US is now a loner *half assault team's ranger snipers are alot less crazy

V1.29: *Concrete walls buildable (from us only for now) -tanks cant run this over yey *US sniper, half assault team, assault team, Kriegsturmtruppen, aufklarer, .50cal MG's can all camoflague now. *lowered the damage that the upgraded Sherman did.. it was retarded lol *lowered range of sherman, upgraded sherman gun, and M10's 3inch cannon range *increased costs of both allies and axis tanks to highly retarded prices. so save up for the big gunz! *Increased Panther and Panzer IV's HP *slower reinforce time for all para infantry and very big scatter zones for dropping *increased build times for all buildings *for fire teams and support weapons took numbers in squads down by 1 (and for mortar i took it down by 2, so only two gunners now, not two gunners and like 15 guards lol) *Snipers now have 5 shots per clip, 2.5 second bolt action shot delay *Increased damage, rate of fire, and range of the Grease gun slightly to counter the crazy pioneer's MP40s *lowered accuracy of some rifles at extreme range by about 5% (not much, so dont bitch lol) *lowered accuracy of Pioneer's MP40 *soldiers wounded bodies only stay for 15 mins now. still a while if you think about it... they finally cark it and disspear after 15 mins *Increased LOS for all infantry by 20m now they can see what they are shooting at. recon units have extended LOS compared to basic infantry. *Removed the extra big-ass platoon sized squads untill someone works out how to fix their spacing or collision mesh *fixed the Kriegsturmtruppen that for some reason didnt have a panzerschreck even though i gave them one lol *The Zugfuhrergruppen's "falschirmjager" ability now paradrops two squads instead of one. costs 500 man power *lowered number of men in assault teams by 2. they were tanking everyone and now they can camo.. just thought i'd balance that a bit >_< *Anti tank fire teams and Panzertoten now have 2 ATW weapons and one leader in a squad. *Removed the Grease Gun's tracers *1 less pioneer/engineer in basic pio/eng squads. now they are that bit cheaper and faster to build you can have more of them quiker! *howitzers are now movable however they are uber slow. but still movable!! yey for volks raiding parties picking up them big bitches and bringin' back home LOL fag yanks.. err i mean yeah *beefed up Axis Terror doctrine's Firestorm ability. x3 rockets x3 area covered. less time between impacts too. increased recharge time by 30 or so seconds. decreased cost by 15 ammo *Tiger Ace's crew can now aim better! *added mr bildo's mortar flare. might make axis officer's luger shoot flares... yeah i will!! yey *crocadile tank with 75mm cannon too

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