Here is an updated version of Lafayette (1.1 now), so for all the fans of this map, this should be a priority download! Change log is in th...


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Here is an updated version of Lafayette (1.1 now), so for all the fans of this map, this should be a priority download! Change log is in the readme, so be sure to read that ;) Lafayette is a very small map that is built for 4 players mainly designed for instant action as the game starts due to how the points are laid out. Teams start at forested regions of the map which are located at opposing sides of the map and a road way is located in the middle. This map does offer some intense battles as both teams try and struggle to maintain a strong economy on a map that features decent amount of points. The map looks nicely built with correctly placed objects, slope construction, and decals.

Try it out your self.

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Repost of Lafayette - v-1.1


Fixed Blue box on edge of map - 

Added a few fields - requested by user


HEADQUARTERS - 16th Engeneer Bn.

Lt. Carson: " We need to take Lafayette and shutdown their logistics sir".

Major Dickens: "We will but we should flank from the east".

Lt. Carson: "Private, Take these instructions to 3rd and 4th Platoon. We'll move out right away.

(Runner) Pvt. Jackson: "Yes sir".

HEADQUARTERS - 105th Luftwaffe

Major Von Hoffenstin: "Ah! Your back. Good work Balack. Are these the only instructions from our beloved
Major Dickens. 

Cpl. Balack: "Yes Sir, the good lutenant handed it right to me.

Major Von Hoffenstin: (examining the maps and written instructions) They have flanked us. They intend to 
attack from the east. Quickly Balack Run this to Captin Langrahoff.



Cpl. Balack: (Speaking to Captin Langrahoff) "These instructions came from Major Von Hoffenstin".

Captin Langrahoff: (Shouting) "Quickly everyone!!! We have less than 20 Minutes to move our defenses to the 
outside of town on the east of the city at outpost 3. Hurry outpost 3 has only one squad!!!


HEADQUARTERS - 16th Engeneer Bn.

Lt. Carson: "Sargent Bryan, Where is Private Jackson"?

Sargent Bryan: "I thought he was with you. He dropped off the instructions and told me that you had more
for him to do"

Major Dickens: "Fall back!!! The entire 105th is here!!! It's like they knew we were coming!!?!"
This is an extreamly small map for 4 players, but with the point layout, you are in the action right away.
I like to play this map without the victory points. It makes the action way more intense. - The scenario
puts you on the outskirt of a large city (you know, the part of the map you can't see) where the Germans
have found you out. Victory can only come after complete removal of the enemy. Good luck and happy 

Place the SGA file into: 
C:Documents and SettingsuserMy DocumentsMy GamesCompany of Heroesww2scenarios

Company of Heroes 4 player map.

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