Rudi61 has submitted his 4 player map for all of you Opposing Fronts fans out there! This map is well made with most of the terrain...


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Rudi61 has submitted his 4 player map for all of you Opposing Fronts fans out there! This map is well made with most of the terrain looking like it belongs in pictures; There is a lot to do in this map, but winning should be at the top of your to do list. The Axis have the bulk of the pressure in this map, as they are charged with stopping the Allies so that they can partake in some demolitions. The Allies are located at Wassenberg, which is a town in the district Heinsberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated near the border with the Netherlands, on the river Rur; It is at this river, and the bridges that span it, where the Axis are prepared to set their charge.

Will you let the Axis power succeed in stopping or delaying the Allied forces? If you think you can make a difference in this battle, then what are you waiting for? Start your download now, do your duty and enjoy Morgenstund!

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download 'morgenstund.rar' (15.86MB)

I'll try it in english, i  hope you understand me.
Much thanks to all mappers, which had made so pretty maps.
I hope, that much Coh Fans would download "Morgenstund" and have Fun with it.
Morgenstund   4 Player Map (Mp) for Company of Heroes / Opposing Fronts
Filename: Morgenstund.rar
Multiplayer  (.sgb)
Developer: Rudi61

This is a four player map for Company Of Heroes.The Axis try to stop
the Allies on their way to the Rur.The allies be located in Wassenberg-
Myhl, near the netherlands.The axis must hold up them, because they want
explode the bridges of the Rur.
Have Fun

Readme File:
Extract all files into the following directory:
THQ/Company of Heroes/WW2/Data/Scenarios/mp


CoH/OF Map(Mp)  4Player "Morgenstund" von "Rudi61"
Hallo CoH Fans,
habe, neben Beruf und Familie, auch Zeit gefunden eine
Map zu gestalten.Ist ja enorm zeitaufwendig.
Vielen Dank an die vielen Mapper, die Ihre Maps
kostenlos im Internet zur Verfügung stellen,
wo man sich ein paar Tipps holen kann.
Story: Die Map spielt im Wassenberg-Myhler
Raum, kurz hinter der niederländischen Grenze.
Alliierte Truppen sind in Richtung Rur unterwegs.
Deutsche Einheiten beziehen Stellung, um die
Alliierten aufzuhalten,damit die Rurbrücken gesprengt
werden können.
Hier in der blühenden Wald- und Wiesengegend
treffen die Truppen an einem schönen sonnigen Morgen
aufeinander und sorgen dafür,daß die Landschaft sich verändert.
Entpacke die Dateien in folgenden Order: /THQ/Company of Heroes/WW2/Data/Scenarios/mp
Ich hoffe die Map gefällt euch, einfach ist sie nicht.
Verteidigungsmaßnahmen gewinnen hier an Wichtigkeit.

Diese Map ist Freeware.Jeder kann sie benutzen
wie er will, solange er damit kein Geld verdienen will.

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