Mr.G's Harbour

mr_gs_harbour.zip —


This is a 2v2 Company Of Heroes map with a good resource output. The map plays well on Skirmish mode aswell however it is not that easy as once one team breaks across the river, the map becomes very open.

First create a folder in :

C: Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesWW2

called scenarios, then in that folder create a folder called mp

The path should then be :

C: Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesWW2Datascenariosmp

Cut and paste these files into there,

It may seem obvious to most but to play down loaded maps you need to alter the path of your COH tarfet from:

"C: Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe"


"C: Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe" -dev

This is doen by right clicking on your COH shortcut and changing the field marked target near the top.


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