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This file is the correct one, the previous copy of Pegasus Bridge was the wrong one, I had concidered just replacing the original file wi...


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This file is the correct one, the previous copy of Pegasus Bridge was the wrong one, I had concidered just replacing the original file with this one and leave it as it was (with a heads up, of coarse), but I figured it would only confuse people after reading the comments. Enjoy. ~Hfx-Rebel

If you enjoyed the first map released by Denigrah, then you'll be happy to know that he has released another to satisfy your Company of Heroes addiction...Pegasus Bridge will have you situated on an unnamed countryside with some farmland nearby. As the title implies, there is a bridge placed in this map as well, and where there is a bridge, there is the case of Pegasus Bridge, the water is in the form of a windy river; There are also two versions of this map available for your CoH gaming enjoyment:

Pegasus Bridge- Storm:

  • Takes place at night
  • Very stormy weather

Pegasus Bridge- Victory:

  • Takes place in the Dawn hours
  • Based around victory points

Both of these maps are designed to be played as British Commandos, (use of the accent is optional) and, although the weather is the biggest difference between the two maps, it makes a huge difference when playing! Once you are in Pegasus Bridge, you will need to take, and hold the bridge...what you do next could decide the fate of this battle, so, you will want to take stock of what resources you have; Be sure to take advantage of the available glider support.

Weather effects are compliments of $ TEXAS $.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'pegasus_bridge4.rar' (12.4MB)

Hi guys,

Sorry but due to the problems getting these maps posted the wrong map pack was sent. 
Instead of two Pegasus bridge maps there is only one. this update has the second 
victory points map in it.

again sorry for the mistake...


I have like most of you probably downloaded lots of maps some of them really good.
So i felt i should try to give something back.

This is my first attempt at making a map so be nice...

Pegasus_bridge _storm


Pegasus bridge is one version at night in very stormy weather and one dawn attack based 
around victory points. Both maps are designed to be played with Brtish Commandos and a 
lot of use with glider support. Hold the bridge, establish a beachead then if you have 
the right resources, use your glider units to push home the attack... Or, just do it what 
ever way you want.

Any coments that will improve the maps more than welcome...


Just unzip the files to your mp folder ie; 

C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\WW2\Data\Scenarios\mp





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