Pouppeville (2p)- Supaunknown

A 1v1 map with half of the map being open farm fields & the other half a ruined city. Very Lyon-esqu...


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Pouppeville (2p)- Supaunknown

A 1v1 map with half of the map being open farm fields & the other half a ruined city. Very Lyon-esque in manner, minus chokepoints & sized down for suitable 1v1 play.


3 Victory Points 4 Low Munitions Points 4 High Munitions Points 4 Low Fuel Points 2 High Fuel Points

84 Munitions 52 Fuel

Resources are about perfect. The only concern here is a somewhat high fuel count, although that's more me being an infantry fan than an actual problem of the map. Players will have no problem exercising either strength, tanks or infantry, on this map, making the experience all that much more fulfilling.

There is no music, and no save/replay picture (Note- this is in my SGB version, it MAY be different in the SGA version). The OOB is well done, and a horizon mesh is present. I noticed that, if you position the camera correctly, you can see the edge of the map (There is a gap between the map's edge & the horizon mesh); however, since you would have to LOOK for it anyway, it doesn't really impact the overall visual impact of the map in itself.

Finally, there are several chunks along the center of the map that have more than three textures. It's not too problematic in this case, but this problem cannot be ignored nonetheless.

Technical- 8/10


Resources & Victory points are perfectly distanced, and the resource points are mirrored on each side, removing any real potential for imbalance resource-wise.

The style of this map, however, presents some potential for imbalance. The map is designed to suit the strengths of the player on each side of the map; Allies have open fields with few obstructions, while Axis has a plethora of buildings making for tight, unmanuverable urban combat. Axis MGs will find it somewhat easy to lock out Allies from their half of the map with proper placement, forcing Allies out of that half of the map for the first few minutes. It's not terribly tough to counter, and easy enough to manuever around said lock-downs with the lack of real chokepoints, but the potential for lockdown remains problematic.

Balance- 9/10


This is probably the biggest selling point of this map. It is incredibly detailed, quite possibly Relic quality. Splats & splines abound, no texture stretching, no signs of anything that screams "Hey, this is a user-map!" found so often in custom maps. The country side is filled with detailed farms (Oxymoron, I know :rolleyes: ) & little groves dividing the fields, while the city looks like an urban hell, with most buildings at or near total destruction, and debris filling the streets. It gives the map the "personality" that only few maps achieve. If only FX spawners worked in Worldbuilder, I think Relic would have a candidate for a map to include in 1.7 :D . Any problems found here would be very minor nitpicking at most.

Design/Quality- 10/10

Fun Factor

This map was a blast to play. Anyone who's wished that Relic had removed the river entirely from Lyon pretty much gets their wish here, and this map does so to great success. Each half of the map plays directly into the strenghts of that faction, where Allies get to maneuver easily & flank their opponents, while Axis can heavily lock down positions & fortify their city half. (Of course, if you play without fixed positions...) It is all executed with pro-level work put into it. Sure, some players will prefer a completely symmetrical map, but this is still worth a play regardless of ones tastes.

In short, it's fun as hell to romp through. This map should be in everyone's collection. :rock:

Fun Factor- 9/10

OVERALL 8+9+10+9=36/4=


Reviewed by Finalizer0

PS- If it turns out that there IS music & save/replay pictures in the SGA version, I will update my score accordingly.

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Download 'pouppeville_v1_sga.rar' (6.08MB)

NO README PROVIDED! This is from another file on how to use SGAs:

Unzip the file "Pouppeville.sga" to "C:\Documents and Settings"User"\My Documents\My Games\Company Of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios", replacing "User" with your XP user account name (The user name you use to sign on to XP with). (You do NOT need to add "-dev" to your Company of Heroes icon; it works regardless)

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